NeoCura and MDimune settle CDVs-mediated mRNA collaboration

SHENZHEN, SEOUL, OCT 22, 2021 ----- NeoCura Bio-Medical Technology Co., Ltd, (“NeoCura”), a leading AI-enabled RNA precision medicine company based on research, development and MDimune Inc. (“MDimune”), a leading extracellular vesicle (EV)-based drug delivery platform company, has announced the signing of collaboration focused on mRNA delivery for oncological therapeutics. China’s innovative RNA company NeoCura and Korea’s cutting-edge tech-based company MDimune will engage in multi-indication explorations with the collaboration of NeoCura’s novel mRNA therapeutic targets and MDimune’s proprietary BioDrone® platform technology based on cell-derived vesicles (“CDVs”).

In this research collaboration agreement, NeoCura and MDimune will jointly seek opportunities of mRNA therapeutics delivered by CDVs for therapeutic cancer vaccines. MDimune will take the lead in CDV engineering to encapsulate target mRNA cargos and demonstration of initial stability and efficiency, as well as in-vitro feasibility for collaborative research. NeoCura will be responsible for target mRNA design, in vivo feasibility and safety profiling. With initial success, both companies will seek opportunities for further commercialization and license partnership.

Through this collaboration, NeoCura gets access to MDimune’s BioDrone® technology in the areas of development of oncological therapies based on CDV-mediated mRNA delivery.

At the core of the platform are CDVs which have previously demonstrated their therapeutic potentials with far greater productivity compared to conventional EVs such as exosomes. This versatile platform can also utilize various cell sources and integrate them with diverse targeting and encapsulation technologies, which will eventually enable effective RNA therapies by selective delivery of payloads to desired tissues.

Shingyu Bae, Chief Executive Officer of MDimune, commented, “We are delighted to enter into this strategically important, mRNA-based therapeutics partnership with NeoCura, one of China’s top accelerators with the most advanced achievement for mRNA oncologic development. We look forward to working with NeoCura to seek global development opportunities offering the BioDrone Platform at the commercial level.”

Dr. Yi Wang, Chief Executive Officer of NeoCura, said, “NeoCura is committed to delivering revolutionary cancer vaccines to benefit China and worldwide cancer patients. We are continuing to seek opportunities to enhance technology platform with partners across the boundaries. MDimune’s BioDrone technology is one of the most innovative delivery platforms in the world, we are very happy to partner with MDimune to advance mRNA medicine research and bring revolutionary medicines to more cancer patients.”

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Whitney Wang, Vice President, Business Development, NeoCura,

About MDimune

MDimune, a South Korean biotech founded in 2015, has been committed to the development and implementation of state-of-the-art BioDrone® platform technology. BioDrone® is an innovative technology that relies on human-sourced CDVs, nanosized vesicles obtained from various cells by using a proprietary extrusion method to achieve target-specific drug delivery. With superior productivity compared to exosomes, BioDrone® is emerging as a highly versatile and scalable delivery system to combat diverse debilitating human diseases, including cancer, neurodegeneration, and rare diseases.

MDimune is expanding its global network to harness effective tissue targeting strategy to achieve highly tissue-specific drug delivery. The company wishes to apply this novel BioDrone® platform to address various needs of pharmaceutical clients who are looking for effective drug carriers.

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About NeoCura

NeoCura, a R&D based China biotech featuring AI-enabled RNA precision medicine and focusing on oncology. Founded in 2017, NeoCura is committed to building a global leading RNA innovative drug platform. NeoCura brings together the world's top scientists, senior industry experts and first-class academic consultants. The core R&D teams include dozens of doctoral/postdoctoral fellows from prestigious schools such as Harvard, Cambridge, Cornell, Peking University, Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences. NeoCura has built multi-omics data collection platform and corresponding omics database, empowered by proprietary AI and bioinformatics technologies for therapeutic target deep mining and automated drug design. To date, over 10 pipelines are under development covering tumor neoantigen vaccines, tumor microenvironment modulations etc. NeoCura also built a leading RNA drug manufacturing center in China to fulfill R&D and clinical needs.

With its multiple leading technologies, outstanding innovation capability and robust oncology pipelines, NeoCura is recognized as one of the Most Promising Enterprise in China and Top 10 China AI/Algorithm Pharmaceutical Innovative Enterprise in 2021. In the future, NeoCura will become an open platform to embrace broad innovations for advancing RNA medicine.

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