Growth Mindset Examples, Definition, and How You Can Use It In Your Job

Growth Mindset Examples Illustrating Success Incareer

Picture showing one of the best growth mindset examples i.e. moving forward 

Developing your knowledge, learning new things and adapting to changes are a few definitions of having a growth mindset. 

Being a better person, especially in your workplace, can equal success. And it all boils down to having a positive attitude toward things. 

In biotechnology, where change is constant in terms of development, having a progressive mindset is essential to improve life through science.

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Definition of Having a Growth Mindset

growth mindset examples

Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University, revealed in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success that having a growth mindset allows improvement and development in your brain, intelligence and talents. 

At the same time, the person who is willing to grow develops for the better. They are more likely to become better people as their skillsets are improved through training, hard work and perseverance. 

They improve on their failures and learn from their mistakes to become better people.

She also concluded that humans have two types of mindsets -- a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

The opposite of having a growth mentality is having a fixed mindset. If a growth mindset thinks about developing new skills and knowledge, having a fixed one has their intelligence stuck at a more static state.

A person with a fixed mindset avoids challenges, gives up easily when faced with an obstacle, is emotional about negative criticisms and is threatened by other people’s success. 

People like this don’t develop growth in their career and experience a plateau by not allowing themselves to improve and reach their full potential.

Having a fixed mindset doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for someone. Small and progressive changes can be done to turn it around.

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How to Develop a Growth Mindset?

Here are some of the ways you can improve yourself and develop a growth mindset.

1. Embrace Failures

Failure gives a person the ability to learn from any mistake. Embracing failure is a way to be a better person. This way, you’ll see the things you need to improve on.

Ignoring your failures can inhibit your ability to reach a state of success.

2. Challenge Yourself

Pushing yourself to the limits makes for a very good learning experience. For some people, a challenge could be a negative experience. But when you have a growth mindset, a challenge should be a way to grow and learn.

3. Be Open To Changes

Doing the same tasks over and over will prevent you from learning new things. Change can be difficult for some since it will let them out of their comfort zones, but it is a way to improve your skills and gain new knowledge.

4. Grit

Fostering grit can help you move forward and be focused on your goals, even if there are obstacles that you have to face along the way.

5. Set Your Goals

List down and set goals to give you an idea of what you need to pursue. This activity will allow you to move forward. 

Crossing out a goal and moving on to the next one gives you the mental capacity to finish and go through things in an orderly way.

6. Be Curious

Have an open mind and be curious about everything. Don’t think that if you know about something, then you’ll have to stop learning. 

Explore even further to give yourself more knowledge about things. You’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll learn. Never stop learning.

7. Add “Yet” To Your Vocabulary

Adding “yet” to your vocabulary helps you overcome anything despite any challenges or struggles you face.

8. Have a Can-Do Attitude

You need to alter your attitude of being an “I can’t do it” person. Having an optimistic attitude helps you do anything and be an inspiration for people around you. Infect other people with positivity.

9. Welcome Feedback

Listening to feedback and adjusting yourself lets you grow and learn new things. Stop being a “know it all,” and instead be open to criticisms since it will help you become better and change yourself from your mistakes.

10. Mindfulness

It is not just about adjusting your way of thinking, but also about helping yourself become mentally and physically fit. 

Physical activities such as jogging or stretching and mental activities like meditation can help you focus on things and clarify your mind.

Some Growth Mindset Examples You Can Follow

Here are some examples of having a growth mindset in the workplace.

1. Workplace Criticism

When being corrected or criticized, a person should use the feedback to improve themselves instead of being hurt or ignoring the comments.

2. See How Everyone Works

In a team, learning how your teammates work can help you learn new skills. It can also be a way to develop a more efficient work environment because everyone will know how each member works.

3. Hiring

When picking a new member for your team, look at a person’s strengths and see how you can learn and grow from each other. Doing this can help improve the work environment and let that person adjust easily. It can be beneficial for you both.

4. Fight Insecurities

Fighting your insecurities is one of the best growth mindset examples. Insecurities may arise when facing new tasks. Instead of having the mindset of failing because of the lack of experience in one field, let it be an opportunity to learn new skills and grow.

5. Experiment

Experiment or consider new strategies. It could open a whole lot of ideas to improve your workflow and learn new things.

In biotechnology, constant learning and being open to other people’s thinking can spark innovative concepts to develop new ideas. 

In the working world, having a growth mindset can lead to success. Continuous learning and being a better person can be contagious and can equate to a healthy work environment.

And in life, being optimistic and always thinking about growing is a great way to improve yourself and be a better person.

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