Four Korean Researchers Receive MDimune’s 1st BioDrone® Award


Image Description: Starting from left: Seung Wook Oh, CSO (MDimune); Shingyu Bae, CEO (MDimune); Prof. Minju Sohn (POSTECH), Hyejeong Kim (Korea University, Co-investigator of Prof. Hyunsoo Lee at Catholic University); Prof. Wooram Park (Catholic University); and Prof. Kisoo Park (Konkuk University).

MDimune Inc., a Korean biotech company developing BioDrone® platform technology, announced the signing of research agreements with Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Konkuk University, and Catholic University on October 30th, 2020.

After a review was held in August, a total of four recipients were selected for the "1st BioDrone® Award": Prof. Minju Sohn of POSTECH, Prof. Kisoo Park of Konkuk University, Prof. Wooram Park and Prof. Hyunsoo Lee of Catholic University. An agreement was then signed between the recipients’ institutions and MDimune.

For the next one year, MDimune and participating institutions will exchange their expertise and make joint efforts to advance the BioDrone® platform technology. MDimune anticipates that these collaborations, led by outstanding researchers in Korea, will help take the BioDrone® technology to the next level by making a breakthrough discovery in tissue targeting and drug loading.

The signing ceremony was attended by key members of MDimune, including Shingyu Bae, CEO and Seung Wook Oh, CSO, and researchers of each participating institution. Of special note was Professor Hyejung Kim, co-investigator at Korea University, who represented the research team led by Professor Hyunsoo Lee at Catholic University.

"We are very pleased to announce these four promising collaborations," said Shingyu Bae, CEO. "We will continue to focus our efforts to develop innovative therapeutics by maximizing the potential of our BioDrone® platform technology to address various incurable diseases."

MDimune Overview

Founded in 2015, MDimune has been dedicated to the development of an innovative therapeutic platform called BioDrone®. BioDrone® platform technology is a novel technology that uses cell-derived vesicles (CDVs) to achieve highly target-specific drug delivery. The BioDrone® platform technology is patented in the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea. MDimune’s current target includes cancer, COPD, OA, and other rare diseases. MDimune is actively pursuing business partnerships with biotechnology companies, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals for the potential application of the BioDrone® technology.

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