BioSpace Celebrates 25th Anniversary on the Web


DES MOINES, Ia., March 17, 2020 - BioSpace, Inc., the leader in life sciences news and careers, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of launching their web platform

BioSpace’s history goes back to 1985 when Jennifer King launched the company to promote the emerging biotech industry. For the first ten years, this was done via traditional publishing and highlighting biotech communities with their iconic Hotbed regional maps.

“My vision was to build a platform that would help define and champion the life sciences industry,” said King. “I wanted to facilitate informed decision-making by providing critical and organized bioscience information in one location.”

On March 15, 1995, was launched as a portal for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, making it one of the first 50,000 websites in the world.

“We launched in front of 300 biotech executives in Boston,” commented King. “There was an audible gasp in the room when we unveiled the platform and I knew at that moment we were onto something really big.”

In the early days, users could view profiles of less than 300 companies and new jobs were only posted on Fridays.

The BioSpace community has grown tremendously over the past 25 years and today boasts over 1 million visitors each month. Users can now peruse thousands of new job listings and company profiles, while engaging with top news and industry insights.

“BioSpace is one of the few Internet companies launched in the 1990’s that is still thriving today,” said Joshua Goodwin, CEO of BioSpace. “While our product offering continues to evolve, our mission is still the same as it was 25 years ago when the platform launched.”

Each year millions of people are kept abreast of industry news and clinical trial developments and thousands of professionals find their jobs via the BioSpace Career Center.

While professionals in the financial industry start their day with the Wall Street Journal, professionals in the biotech industry start their day with BioSpace. That unique position allows BioSpace to partner with hundreds of life sciences companies to enhance their brand awareness and build recruitment marketing campaigns to attract the right talent. 

About BioSpace

Since 1985, BioSpace has provided essential insights, opportunities and tools to connect innovative life sciences organizations and talented professionals who advance health and quality of life across the globe. BioSpace continues to be the leading source for careers and news for life sciences professionals in the United States.

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