Biosensis expands popular biomarker Rapid™ ELISA kits with launch of new BDNF/ proBDNF Combo Kit

TEMECULA, Calif., April 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Biosensis range of RapidTM ELISA Kits continues to expand with the launch of a new BDNF/ proBDNF Combo Kit, optimized for serum and plasma analysis. The kit provides labs a way to assay the two isomers without cross-contamination.

Dr Markus Smolny who heads laboratory services, said, "The new Combo kit allows researchers in Academia and Industry to achieve accurate measurements of these two important blood biomarkers in less than 4 hours. Extensive in-house and independent, external laboratory evaluation has shown that the Biosensis RapidTM ELISA kits provide the highest level of quality, accuracy, reproducibility and reliability available (Polacchini et al, 2015)." More than one thousand publications have shown BDNF is an important biomarker for numerous Neurological and Psychiatric diseases, including Clinical Depression. Biosensis has worked closely with leading global research laboratories and regulators to build the first CE-Marked BDNF ELISA kit for diagnostic use.

Biosensis is also excited by the success of its p75ECD RapidTM ELISA kit which allows analysis of this nerve-derived protein as a disease progression biomarker for ALS (MND). Dr Smolny highlighted recent publications demonstrating analysis of urinary p75ECD could be used to follow disease progression and provide prognostic insight for patients suffering this devastating disease. He expects that the availability of this p75ECD RapidTM ELISA kit, the most sensitive available, will prove particularly valuable for use in clinical trials, to provide both an objective evaluation of efficacy and also reduce clinical trial costs by allowing selection of those patients most likely to show benefit of any potential new drug.

Dr Lyndon Foster, Biosensis COO, North America, said, "The RapidTM ELISA kit range was introduced 4 years ago to address the growing need for accurate quantification of many potential biomarkers of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease, ALS (MND) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders." The kits have proved popular not only for investigation of brain disease, but also for other diseases including cancer. For example, the unique proNGF RapidTM ELISA kit specific for the important, biologically active isomeric form of Nerve Growth Factor, has recently been used to explore the emerging, central role this growth factor has in prostate, breast and bladder cancers.

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