Anthos Therapeutics Partners with Lonza to Develop and Manufacture Abelacimab (MAA868), a Unique Dual Factor XI / XIa inhibitor 

Lonza Ltd

  • The agreement furthers Anthos Therapeutics mission to develop Abelacimab for patients at risk of thrombotic events, which are currently underserved by conventional anti-coagulant therapies.
  • The development and manufacturing agreement leverages Lonza’s global network of process development and GMP-manufacturing facilities across Europe and the US.
  • The partnership utilizes Lonza’s novel milestone business model designed to support biotech companies and their investors by aligning deliverables, cash flow and value generation.

Quote from Jonathan Freeman, PhD, Co-Founder and COO, Anthos Therapeutics:

“Our partnership with Lonza provides Anthos Therapeutics access to its world-class development and manufacturing expertise. The integrated drug substance, drug product and labeling/packaging offering enables efficiency and speed to accelerate patient access to this potentially life-preserving therapy. Importantly, Lonza’s value-based milestone-driven business model addresses the product, timeline and financial needs of our company and our investors.”

Quote from Karen Fallen, President, Head of MMDM, Lonza:

“Partnering with Anthos Therapeutics reinforces the value of our milestone business model designed to meet the unique needs of virtual biotechs and their investors. We recognize that innovative funding and partnership approaches are necessary to help bring vital medicines to patients. By leveraging this model, together with our end-to-end IbexTM Develop offering, we can help virtual and small biotech-companies accelerate bringing drugs to patients, navigate demand uncertainty and reduce investment risks.”

Basel, Switzerland, 11 June 2020– Lonza announced today a partnership agreement with Anthos Therapeutics, a biotech created by Blackstone Life Sciences and Novartis. The partnership supports the development and manufacturing of Abelacimab, a novel, fully human, Factor XI and XIa antibody, which could, if approved, address a range of thrombotic disorders.

The life science industry is experiencing unprecedented innovation driven by rapid advancements in science and technology. Innovative business models, new modalities and strong partnerships play a critical role in accelerating the clinical development process and speeding up patients’ access to those essential drugs.

Lonza’s integrated end-to-end offering, developed specifically for virtual biotechs and their investors, responds to those unique needs. The company’s milestone business model is designed to deliver quality with agility and speed while maintaining an investor focus that aligns Anthos Therapeutics’ investment to value creation by Lonza. With drug substance and drug product capabilities under one quality system and a dedicated team working on Abelacimab from start to finish, the program aims to bring products to market faster while reducing investment risk. Lonza will utilize its global network of facilities in Basel, Stein and Visp, Switzerland, Slough, UK and Tampa, USA.

Thrombotic disorders are estimated to account for one in four deaths and are among the leading causes of mortality worldwide. A large unmet medical need exists for novel anti-thrombotic therapies, especially in patients currently underserved by conventional anti-coagulant therapies due to the risk of bleeding. As a promising next-generation anti-thrombotic with a unique dual Factor XI / XIa inhibitory activity, Abelacimab has the promise to be the first hemostasis-sparing anti-coagulant that may reduce pathological thromboembolic via a mechanism uncoupled from the required, physiological haemostatic pathway.

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About Anthos Therapeutics

Anthos Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of genetically and pharmacologically validated therapies for high-risk cardiovascular patient populations. Anthos’ most advanced program is Abelacimab (MAA868), an anti- Factor XI / XIa monoclonal antibody, which represents a promising next generation anti-thrombotic investigational therapy with the potential to prevent multiple thrombotic diseases with minimal or no bleeding risk. Anthos, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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