10 Biotechnology Careers that Don’t Involve Bench Work

Pictured: Scientists working together/iStock, Wavebreakmedia

Pictured: Scientists working together/iStock, Wavebreakmedia

While biotech is often associated with laboratory and bench work, there are myriad roles available off the bench that still allow professionals to contribute to the development of new drugs and therapies.

10 Biotech Careers Off the Bench

If you want to work in biotech but want to transition away from bench work or skip it altogether, here are ten career paths to consider, along with role descriptions and links to jobs available now on BioSpace’s job board.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Regulatory affairs professionals ensure compliance with regulatory bodies like the FDA. They are responsible for preparing and submitting documentation required for product approvals, interacting with regulatory authorities and keeping up-to-date on constantly evolving regulations.

See regulatory affairs specialist jobs available now.

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research associates monitor and manage the progress of clinical trials to ensure all participants comply with safety protocols and regulatory requirements. They work closely with investigators to collect data and ensure the trial is conducted safely and ethically.

See clinical research associate jobs available now.

Technical Writer

Technical writers create documentation for biotech companies, such as user manuals, operating procedures and scientific reports. They should have a strong understanding of scientific concepts and be skilled at translating complex information into accessible language. They should also be well-versed in regulatory rules and compliance.

See technical writer jobs available now.

Business Development Manager

Business development managers foster partnerships, identify new market opportunities and find and negotiate collaborations. They analyze market trends, evaluate potential investment opportunities and develop strategies to drive business growth.

See business development manager jobs available now.

Medical Science Liaison

Medical science liaisons bridge the gap between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals, providing scientific and clinical expertise. They educate healthcare providers on the proper use of products, communicate findings and collect feedback.

See medical science liaison jobs available now.

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for managing projects within a company and making sure each project is completed on time in line with safety and regulatory guidelines. They may be expected to directly manage a team or make sure other managers are keeping their teams on track to meet short and long-term goals and deadlines.

See project manager jobs available now.

Business Systems Analyst

A business systems analyst is responsible for identifying and analyzing business needs and defining the scope and goals of an organization. They gather data on how a company’s processes are affecting its overall profits and growth and make recommendations on how companies can improve their processes to be more efficient.

See business systems analyst jobs available now.

Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality assurance specialists ensure that both products and processes meet strict quality standards set by company leadership and regulatory bodies. They implement quality control procedures, conduct audits and monitor compliance with regulatory and industry guidelines.

See quality assurance specialist jobs available now.

Medical Affairs Manager

Medical affairs managers oversee the planning and execution of medical initiatives within a company. They work with healthcare professionals, manage clinical studies and provide support to internal teams and stakeholders.

See medical affairs manager jobs available now.

Medical Sales Representative

Medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives act as liaisons between biotech, biopharma and medtech companies and their customers. They should have in-depth knowledge of the products and services they represent, provide technical expertise and support and advise customers to drive sales. Typically, medical sales representatives specialize in a particular subsect of the industry, such as neurology or immunology.

See medical sales representative jobs available now.

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