Report: 2023 U.S. Life Sciences Salary Trends

BioSpace’s annual Salary Report explores the average salaries and salary trends of life sciences professionals.

Salaries for the biopharma industry continue to grow, though at a slower pace than previous years. The second half of the 2022 biopharma job market saw numerous layoffs and volatility which has put a damper on wage growth.

Still, the majority of biopharma professionals reported salary growth, with industry average salaries higher than ever before. The availability of talent has improved due to recent downsizing, but increasing costs of living and inflation will encourage professionals to push for higher wages.

Employers should not be led into a false sense of confidence that the market will lend itself to less competition when it comes to hiring. With severance offers in pocket, many professionals remain discerning and are holding out for attractive offers before accepting new roles.

This report examines:

  • Average annual earnings and salary increases
  • Average salaries by title and discipline
  • Pay inequities, including the Gender Pay Gap and the Racial Wage Gap
  • Regional averages

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