Encision, Inc.'s AEM(R) Monitoring Equipment Demonstrated On Special Syndicated TV News Feature

BOULDER, Colo., May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Encision Inc. , a medical device company with patented surgical technology that is emerging as a standard of care in minimally-invasive surgery, announced that its AEM(R) monitoring equipment was demonstrated in a special syndicated television news feature that has been airing in cities nationwide. The topic of the feature is the risk of stray energy burns during surgery.

The feature discusses the problem of unseen internal stray energy burns when performing laparoscopic surgeries such as gall bladder removals and hysterectomies. It includes interviews with medical experts who discuss how patients are sometimes inadvertently burned from stray electrical energy during a laparoscopic procedure from instrument insulation failure or leakage current. The segment points out that insulation failure can result from wear and tear, improper handling or excessive voltage traveling through an instrument.

The feature further discusses the availability of Encision’s technology to address failure problems and includes video demonstrations of Encision’s patented AEM(R) monitoring system that is specifically designed to “automatically turn off equipment if it senses a problem.”

Jack Serino, Encision’s President & CEO, said, “Laparoscopic surgery is a medical advancement that has benefited millions of people through faster recovery and less pain. However, as in any surgery there are risks. It is encouraging that television stations across the country are alerting the public to these infrequent, but possibly life altering complications that may result from unintended stray energy burns that occur during routine laparoscopic surgical procedures. News features like this one can also help alert our hospitals nationwide of the stray burn problem. Hospitals and outpatient surgery centers can prevent stray energy burns with cost-comparable AEM(R) monitored instruments. The AEM(R) system is fail-safe -- it protects the patient before an injury can happen by shutting down the electrosurgical generator the moment any energy tries to stray off path.”

The news feature story may be viewed on Encision’s Web site: www.encision.com.

Encision Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative surgical devices that allow surgeons to optimize technique and patient safety during a broad range of surgical procedures. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the Company pioneered the development of patented AEM(R) Laparoscopic Instruments to improve electrosurgery and reduce the chance for patient injury in minimally invasive surgery.

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