CEL-SCI Files Patent For Prevention/Treatment Of Bird (Avian) Flu

VIENNA, Va., April 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CEL-SCI CORPORATION announces that it has filed a provisional U.S. patent application covering its drug CEL-1000 for the prevention/treatment of bird flu and/or as an adjuvant to be included in a bird flu vaccine.

Geert Kersten, Chief Executive Officer of CEL-SCI said, “By filing this patent in the U.S., we are preserving our rights to file patents on this invention world-wide.”

CEL-1000, when used as a single adjuvant (enhancer of a vaccine) or in combination with other adjuvants, potentiates Th1 (cellular) and innate (earliest stage) immune responses and protects animals from viral and parasitic challenge. CEL-1000 provides antigen-independent (i.e., non-disease specific) and broad-spectrum protection upon challenge with the disease causing agent(s), which is important against the bird flu virus since it exhibits a high mutation rate.

CEL-1000, is a patented defined amino acid sequence derived from the beta chain of human MHC-II, which itself is a modified version of a human immune- based protein known to bind to both human and mouse immune cells and appears to act by enhancing the host’s protective immune response. It is a defined peptide, which binds to the CD4 and/or likely a related molecule LAG-3 on dendritic cells, macrophages and T cells, thereby promoting the release of cytokines responsible for activating a protective Th1 immune response (e.g., IL-12 and upon challenge IFN-gamma).

CEL-SCI Corporation is developing new immune system based treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. The Company has operations in Vienna, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.

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CEL-SCI Corporation

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