XYLYX BIO releases highly physiologic 2D substrates for improved antifibrotic drug discovery


NEW YORK, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- New York-based Xylyx Bio, a leader in advanced disease models, today announced the release of normal and fibrotic NativeCoat™ human lung- and liver-specific ECM substrates for antifibrotic drug discovery to increase predictiveness of high throughput screening and improve evaluation of efficacy of biopharmaceutical drug candidates for hard to treat fibrotic diseases such as IPF and NASH.

Despite billions of dollars spent each year, 9 out of 10 drugs fail to make it to market, in part due to the lack of translatability of preclinical data to humans. Existing models do not replicate the complexity of human disease, impeding the translation of research to patients and contributing to numerous and expensive drug failures.

To address this need, NativeCoat™ substrates harness the power of human disease-specific extracellular matrix (ECM) to combine the advantages of scalability and throughput with the ability to incorporate higher-level biology and generate translatable data.

Importantly, NativeCoat™ substrates for antifibrotic drug discovery are the only substrates on the market capable of bringing clinical context into the in vitro setting. Corresponding lot-specific data packages provide valuable insights into disease mechanisms and drug efficacy via human organ donor data to enable correlation between experimental results and patient phenotype, tissue pathology data to contextualize matrix origin tracible to the human disease state, and lot-specific proteomic analyses that reveal the tissue- and disease-specific composition of these primary human ECM products.

"Antifibrotic drug discovery lacks predictive and truly translatable biological models that can reliably generate early efficacy insights that accurately inform the potential clinical performance of a drug," stated John O'Neill, CSO at Xylyx Bio. "NativeCoat™ substrates enable disease models that are both translatable and scalable, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in drug discovery and increasing the probability of new medicines reaching patients while simultaneously reducing the cost and time of development."

About Xylyx Bio
Xylyx Bio provides its specialized biomaterials and corresponding data packages to leading scientists globally in academia, biotech, and pharma. By enabling insight into disease biology and the efficacy of drug candidates, Xylyx is implementing a new vision for how advanced biological systems can contribute to improved health and quality of life for patients in need.

Media Contact
Tanya Yankelevich
Director of Product Management
Xylyx Bio, Inc.

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