Vexim, the Specialist in Mini-Invasive Solutions for Treating Traumatic Spinal Pathologies Gets the 2012 NYSE Alternext Prize

Published: Dec 06, 2012

Toulouse, 6 December 2012 - Vexim (FR0011072602 - ALVXM), a medical device company specialising in minimally invasive treatment of vertebral fractures, today announces it has been awarded the NYSE Alternext Paris prize at the close of NYSE Euronext's 2nd edition of the stock market annual conference (conférence annuelle du marché boursier) on 5 December 2012. This award is in recognition of Vexim's successful IPO on NYSE Alternext in April 2012 and its good performance since then.

"We are delighted to have been awarded the NYSE Alternext prize that ends a pivotal year for the company. Vexim has been at the forefront for the last few months thanks to our successful IPO, the strengthening of our Senior Management and the setup of foreign subsidiaries." stated Vincent Gardès, CEO of Vexim. "I would like to thank all of our shareholders, especially Truffle Capital for their support and trust, and I would personally like to express my very special gratitude to Philippe Pouletty, co-founder and General Partner of Truffle Capital, whose ongoing contribution helped us make this project a success. Thanks to them, we can further our goal of establishing the SpineJack® implant as the standard treatment of vertebral compression fractures and to continue working on new innovative solutions in the spinal field."

In April 2012, Vexim successfully raised €11m when it carried out its IPO on the NYSE Alternext in Paris. The company has developed the SpineJack®; a mini-implant made out of titanium with CE marking that makes it possible to restore the anatomy of the vertebra, similar to that prior to the fracture following a minor percutaneous surgical procedure of approximately 30 minutes.

The patient is sent home shortly after the operation following the recovery of his or her functional abilities, thus regaining a better quality of life.

Vexim has always led a very active R&D policy with the support of their longstanding shareholder, Truffle Capital that has been a key player in the company's growth with the preparation, launch and success of their IPO. Vexim has a comprehensive range of SpineJack® implants enabling 95% of vertebral compression fractures to be treated and is carrying on its research program to create new solutions for other spinal pathologies.

Vexim is part of a worldwide marked estimated at over €850 million with treatment of vertebral compression fractures on a steady progression of about 12% per year [1], carried out by a strong call for innovative solutions with the addressable market reaching billions of euros. Vexim has its own sales team in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland as well as distributors in Spain, Turkey, Argentina and South Africa.

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About Vexim, the innovative back microsurgery specialist

Based in Balma, near Toulouse (France), Vexim is a medical device specialist created in February 2006 following its spinoff from Teknimed, a world leader in bone substitutes and surgical cements. Vexim has specialised in the creation and marketing of mini-invasive solutions for treating traumatic spinal pathologies. Benefitting from the financial support of its longstanding shareholders, Truffle Capital and Banexi Venture, and from OSEO public subsidies, Vexim has designed and developed the SpineJack®, a unique implant capable of repairing a deformed or fractured vertebra and correcting the anatomy of the spinal column. The Company currently has 35 staff. It has its own sales teams in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, as well as distributors in Spain, Turkey, Argentina and South Africa. Vexim has been listed on NYSE Alternext Paris since 3 May 2012.

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SpineJack®, a revolutionary implant for treating Vertebral Compression Fractures

The revolutionary aspect of the SpineJack® lies in its ability to restore a fractured vertebra to its original shape, restore the spinal column's optimal anatomy and thus remove pain and enable the patient to recover their functional capabilities. Thanks to a specialised range of instruments, inserting the implants into the vertebra is carried out in a mini-invasive manner, guided by X-ray, in approximately 30 minutes, enabling the patient to be discharged shortly after surgery. The SpineJack® range consists of 3 titanium implants with 3 different diameters, thus covering 95% of vertebral compression fractures and all patient morphologies.

SpineJack® technology benefits from the support of international scientific experts in the field of spinal columns, good medical-expense reimbursement systems in Europe and worldwide patent protection through to 2029



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