Ultrasonix Medical Corporation Drives Sales Growth In 2006

Published: Jan 23, 2007

BURNABY, British Columbia, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultrasonix Medical Corporation Ltd. announced today that worldwide demand for its innovative Sonix Series of Smart Ultrasound products has grown substantially over the last year, with an increase in 2006 sales > 250% over the same period in 2005. The company sold more than 750 Sonix Series units in 2006, compared to 300 in 2005.

"We continue to see strong demand from key emerging segments of the Ultrasound imaging industry for innovative, high value products, and our Sonix Series systems platform hit the mark," says Ultrasonix CEO John T. Buhler. "Our Smart Ultrasound technology allows us to deliver the high quality clinical imaging and performance practitioners need, in different ergonomic and easy-to-use packages they want."

Sales of the popular Sonix OP and Sonix SP systems continued to be strong throughout the year, and Sonix RP unit for the research community maintained its status as the system of choice for scientific teams exploring the future of medical ultrasound. The release of Sonix CEP in the fourth quarter of 2006, a dedicated Ultrasound system specifically designed for Emergency Medicine, received widespread praise and interest in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine markets for its uniquely designed system.

"I believe Ultrasonix is the up and coming Ultrasound company," says Dr. Robert Rearden, Director of Emergency Ultrasound at Hennepin County Medical Center. "Within ten years, Ultrasound will be broadly accepted and extensively used in not only in every emergency department, but in all areas of critical care."

Ultrasonix continued to strengthen its sales and marketing network around the world in 2006 and its balance of sales globally is a key indicator of the company's effort to service its market at large.

"Throughout 2006, Ultrasonix Smart Ultrasound systems emerged as a competitive force in the industry," says Bob Thompson, Ultrasonix VP of Global Marketing and Business Development. "Leveraging the momentum generated from the launch of our new innovative Sonix CEP system, our Sales and Marketing team delivered record growth and solidified Ultrasonix as a leader in competitively priced ultrasound systems."

As more and more private practice clinics and smaller hospitals recognize the benefits of having in-house Ultrasound technology available for their patients, the marketplace continues to widen for companies like Ultrasonix. The market is embracing innovative new technologies and patient-focused approach that Ultrasonix offers in its Smart Ultrasound systems. Consistently proving it delivers on its mission to help deliver better patient care, Ultrasonix's passion for innovation makes it a natural fit for today's market and the forerunner of choice for tomorrow's emerging markets.

About Ultrasonix Medical Corporation:

A privately held company based in Burnaby, British Columbia, focuses on development and manufacturing of high quality diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems. Further information is available at www.ultrasonix.com.

Ultrasonix Medical Corporation Ltd.

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