Torrey Pines Invests in 19Labs' Innovative Telehealth 2.0 Point of Care Solutions

SAN DIEGO, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Torrey Pines Investment today announced its commitment to support 19Labs, creator of GALE Telehealth 2.0 point of care solution, which makes quality health care accessible and affordable anytime, anywhere through connected kiosks and tablets, smart diagnostic devices, and an intelligent deployment platform and management system. 19Labs will benefit from the access to Torrey Pines partnering capabilities, as well as options to partner with the TealTech Mobile Medical Office platform and its in-home patient care services.

GALE Telehealth 2.0 Solutions include a range of digital devices that allow patients to virtually connect to healthcare providers via video calls, invite an on-call practitioner for immediate assistance, and take diagnostic readings on the spot to share with the doctor in real-time. This technology is able to directly benefit a vast array of patients by providing easy access to care for those in rural areas, employees that cannot leave their workplace, expats, travelers, as well as patients in need of in-home care.

"We believe that the future of healthcare will inevitably be based on accessible technology that combines flexibility of human care with precision of machine learning and artificial intelligence," comments Gelena Lifchitz, Business Development Director at Torrey Pines Investment. "19Labs' focus is well-aligned with our vision since their solutions allow to replicate clinic appointments with complete patient exams from remote locations without compromising the quality of care. It's efficient, affordable and convenient - a win-win for patients and providers alike."

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Torrey Pines Investment, founded in 2002, is a specialty life-science investment company located in San Diego that invests in early development-stage assets from international pharma and biotech partners in the CNS, oncology, and virology areas to bring them to commercial success through pharma partnering and M&A. Learn more at

About 19Labs

19Labs is making healthcare accessible with smart, affordable telehealth 2.0 point of care solutions and our intelligent deployment platform and management system. 19Labs affordable products and deployment platform enable healthcare providers to easily deploy telehealth into workplaces, care facilities, and remote communities, leveraging local resources and the best digital health technologies for smart, effective and affordable health care delivery.

The company's products include, GALE Florence, a smart first aid kit, GALE MINI, a smart healthcare tablet, and recently introduced GALE MAX, a smart healthcare kiosk which offers customers a friendly, inviting experience with full virtual visits securely leveraging the industry's best digital health diagnostic devices of 3rd party providers.

19Labs was founded in 2015 and led by former Apple, Samsung, and Qualcomm executives. The company has received funding from investors including TransPacific Ventures, TEC Ventures, and Torrey Pines. 19Labs is based in Menlo Park, California and Victoria, British Columbia. Learn more at

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