Topical Dermatology Drug Developer Sol-Gel Technologies’ Anti-Acne Kits Ready for Marketing

Published: Mar 03, 2009

March 3, 2009 -- Ness Ziona, Israel -- Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd, a specialty pharmaceuticals company, today announced that a new generation of anti-acne kits, based on the company’s proprietary microencapsulation technology, is ready to be marketed.

The kits have completed successful clinical trials and the results will be presented at the International Congress of Dermatology later this year.

Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne Kits provide a benzoyl peroxide-based acne care program demonstrated to be exceptionally effective and tolerable.

”The kits deliver a visible reduction of acne that has been shown in studies to act faster than other currently-available treatments and we believe, set a new benchmark in the alleviation of the irritation, redness and dryness associated with benzoyl peroxide-based treatments,” said Daniela Mavor, Senior Vice President for Business Development.

Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne Kits feature the company’s patented drug delivery systems that use an innovative encapsulation of the active ingredients to provide an optimal solution for topical drugs. The microcapsules form a unique protective barrier between the drug and the skin, while at the same time, enable the accurately-controlled release of the active ingredients over time. Studies show that Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne Kits provide a remarkably comfortable regimen that can effectively and safely deliver higher concentrations of bezoyl peroxide to a wider range of patients. The kits’ vastly improved therapeutic profile of efficacy and tolerability can be expected to positively impact patient compliance and quality of life.

“We look forward to the rapid and widespread acceptance of our kits in the marketplace,” said Daniela Mavor. Referring to research conducted by Sol-Gel, she noted that in Sol Gel’s studies: “Patients, when offered a choice between Sol-Gel’s Anti-Acne Kits and other leading brands, overwhelmingly chose Sol-Gel. Moreover, users’ satisfaction with Sol-Gel’s Anti Acne Kits increased over time of use, a finding that is contrary to the results of user satisfaction levels with other products.”

Sol-Gel’s Anti Acne Kits are available in two levels of potency, Regular and Extra Strength and provide a comprehensive solution for acne treatment and prevention.

Sol- Gel is currently evaluating marketing options in the U.S.

About Sol-Gel

Sol-Gel Technologies is a fast-growing specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on enhancing topical pharmaceutical products. Since being founded in 1997, the company has advanced skincare products to market and developed a pipeline of prescription and over-the-counter products, intended to address dermal medical conditions affecting large patient populations.

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