Tips on How Social Networking Sites Can Help Your Job Search If You Use Them Right

Published: Dec 17, 2009

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GC Daily World -- Social Networking and Your Job Search. Social networking started out as a trend for just that -- socializing. It's now become part of our society's mainstream expressions. But, employees have been fired when their employer considered their online postings as sharing confidential information, making inappropriate comments about the company, or both. There's even a word for it - being "Dooced", named after the weblog, or blog,; its author was one of the first bloggers to be fired for what she wrote online. Should prospective employers be reading your personal information? Maybe not. But if you put it on the internet and it's readily accessible, they can and they might. Most of us Google people and companies we're interested in knowing more about. There's nothing to stop a hiring manager from doing the same about you. So how do you keep yourself free of "digital dirt"? Following are some tips on blogging, using LinkedIn, and Facebook. These sites can actually help your job search, if you use them right.

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