Tips For Finding A Research Position In Immunology And Cell Biology

Published: Nov 27, 2009

How To Find A Job In The Research And Development Sector With A Science Degree
November 27, 2009


Immunology and Cell Biology is the science of immunology with emphasis on cell biology of the immune system. Premedical and medical students study immunology to prepare for careers in the health and bioscience industries. A job in research is only one of the many possible jobs that an immunologist or cell biologist can fulfill. It is also one of the most important in the field of human science in order to study the immune system and find cures for diseases. The job titles that people in this profession hold are immunologists, cell biologists, microbiologists, doctors, professors, or immunology and biology research analysts.

Education requirements
Anyone who wants to land a research position in the field of immunology and cell biology should enroll in a college or university that offers programs in the science of medicine. Start with an undergraduate course leading to a premedical degree, such as Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology or Bachelor of Science in Biology. Students should pursue a master's (M.S.) or doctoral (Ph.D.) program to help qualify for advanced research and teaching positions.

Internship and fellowship
Undergraduate and graduate students should pursue opportunities to take internships and fellowships at research or government facilities. One example is The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), which accepts undergraduate interns and fellows every year during summer for Immunology and Virology, also known as Advanced Program in Science Research Education (SINAPSE). The program exposes undergraduates to immunological and virological research, motivates and prepares them for career opportunities in Immunology and Virology.

Job hunting
Attend biotech career expos and job fairs hosted by participating companies that are hiring researchers in this field. For example, BioSpace, a company that organizes different biotech career events, holds career fairs in different parts of the United States. These fairs aim to attract top candidates in the biotech, pharmaceutical, life science, and medical device industries. Visit for information on upcoming events. Build your network as you meet people by exchanging contact information. Sign up for membership with a professional networking site. One such site is, where you can apply for membership and invite people to your membership page. You may use the site to become a member of organizations whose members work in the same field. Search jobs by typing "Immunology", "Cell Biology", or "Biotechnology" to find companies that are hiring. You can also send notices to companies or groups telling them that you are looking for a job.

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