Supelco Introduces Ascentis(R) Express HPLC Columns For High Speed And High Efficiency Separations

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Supelco, a division of Sigma-Aldrich , has introduced Ascentis Express (, an innovative HPLC column designed to provide the analysis speed and resolving power of sub-2-micron columns with a 50% reduction in backpressures. Ascentis Express columns are designed to help researchers achieve extreme performance from their current HPLC or UPLC(TM) instruments.

"The high efficiencies and low backpressures of Ascentis Express enable the researcher to either double the speed or resolving power above current HPLC methods," said Wayne K. Way, Marketing Manager at Supelco in Bellefonte, PA. "A strategic partnership between Advanced Materials Technology, Inc. (AMT) and Supelco has permitted this product offering to reach the marketplace. Our scientists have worked diligently with AMT and Dr. Jack Kirkland, who developed the Fused-Core particle technology."

Ascentis Express will initially be offered in C18 and C8 stationary phases, with plans to introduce other phases. The enabling technology for Ascentis Express is the Fused-Core(TM) particle. These high purity silica particles measure 2.7 micron overall with a 0.5 micron thick porous shell. Relative to conventional sub-2-micron particles, Ascentis Express columns generate comparable efficiencies but with half the backpressure.

Supelco's offering of HPLC products is one part of Sigma-Aldrich's technological and value-driven products that, combined with our services and support, provide complete analytical applications solutions.

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