Sanguine Corporation Completes the Formation of Life Sciences Subsidiary

Published: Jun 26, 2008

PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sanguine Corporation (OTCBB:SGNC) is pleased to announce the forming of Sanguine Life Sciences, a fully owned subsidiary of Sanguine Corporation. The Company’s product, PHER-O2, is considered to be an oxygen carrier. The Life Sciences division will focus on the development of PHER-O2 as an oxygen-carrying synthetic substitute for human red blood cells and various other areas requiring oxygen profusion. PHER-O2 consists of perfluoro-decalin molecules, purified water, and a proprietary synthetic - patent pending fluorinated surfactant to hold the emulsion together. Additional bio-technology products and/or future biotechnical acquisitions are planned for inclusion in the Life Sciences division.

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