Roche NimbleGen, Inc and Biogemma S.A.S. Develop Enhanced Sequence Capture Technology for Wheat and Canola

Published: Apr 27, 2010

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sequence Capture technology was pioneered by Roche NimbleGen (Pink Sheets: RHHBY) (SWX:RO) (SWX:ROG) with the initial products focused on human research. Subsequent developments have enabled the technology to be successfully transferred to rice and then adapted to maize. In January 2009, Roche NimbleGen and Biogemma announced their collaboration to develop a NimbleGen Sequence Capture protocol adapted to crops containing more complex genomes including polyploid crops such as wheat and rapeseed (canola). The goal of this partnership was to enhance capture performance on these complex species in order to achieve an enrichment rate that makes downstream sequencing more effective. The new NimbleGen Sequence Capture procedure was implemented and evaluated at Biogemma, and researchers are now well equipped for large-scale genomic marker discovery for wheat and rapeseed.

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