Riverain Medical Announces International Availability of Its OnGuard Computer-Aided Detection Technology and SoftView Enhanced Chest Imaging Technology

Published: Nov 19, 2008

DAYTON, Ohio, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Riverain Medical, an industry leader and innovator in computer-aided detection (CAD) and diagnostic technologies, today announced that two of the company's products, the OnGuard(TM) Chest X-ray CAD system and the SoftView(TM) Enhanced Chest Imaging technology, have been awarded CE marks and Canadian device licenses. Both products are commercially available to clinicians in the European Union and Canada.

Riverain's OnGuard Chest X-ray CAD works in conjunction with the reading of standard digital chest X-rays to quickly and comprehensively identify solitary pulmonary nodules that may be early-stage lung cancer. In Europe and Canada, lung cancer is the leading cause of death due to cancer. Lung cancer accounts for 20 percent of all cancer deaths in Europe and 27 percent in Canada.(1) When detected in its earliest stages, the survival rate for lung cancer patients more than triples. Unfortunately, few lung cancers are detected at this early stage.(2)

"Throughout the world, lung cancer continues to kill people at an alarming rate as patients often go undiagnosed with the disease until it has progressed to an advanced stage," said Diane Hirakawa, Chairman and CEO of Riverain Medical. "Riverain is excited to provide the clinical community and patients in Europe and Canada with the OnGuard technology, allowing radiologists across the globe to better detect lung cancer at an earlier stage."

Riverain's SoftView technology creates an enhanced soft tissue image of the chest by suppressing bone on a standard chest X-ray. SoftView increases image clarity to help radiologists better detect and diagnose medical conditions such as pulmonary nodules, pneumothoraces and improperly placed lines and tubes.

"With the availability of SoftView in Europe and Canada, radiologists can now feel more confident that their interpretation is as accurate as possible," said Hirakawa.

About Riverain Medical

Riverain Medical, LLC is a privately-held medical software technology company headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, specializing in technologies that enhance radiologists' detection and diagnostic skills. Riverain's mission is to save lives by improving the detection and diagnosis of diseases and other clinical conditions.

(1) International Union Against Cancer's New European Cancer Figures, 2007 and Public Health Agency of Canada's Canadian Cancer Statistics, 2008.

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