Reveal Oncology Applies Big Data Analytics To Cancer Research With Solid Tumor Data Packages On Demand

SAN DIEGO, CA – Reveal Oncology launches new data packages that bridge the gap between traditional cancer research techniques and advanced data analytics. Each data package is derived from over 500 million data points from multiple patient tumor samples. Packages are offered from a wide range of tumors including breast, lung, colon, ovarian, and pancreas. On demand data packages will be made available to the worldwide research community to accelerate drug discovery and provide valuable insights into precision medicine.

Reveal Oncology is leveraging the proprietary technology of Reveal Biosciences to generate an extensive database containing quantitative cell-by-cell data for panels of expertly selected biomarkers across many thousands of solid tumor patient samples. Custom biomarkers can also be included on request. Proprietary analytics facilitate the discovery of previously unknown correlations and patient subsets relevant to precision medicine, with the ultimate goal of accelerating cancer research.

“Our new Next Generation Pathology NGPx™ Data Analytics Platform integrates recent rapid advances in quantitative image analysis to generate data on a previously prohibitive scale. Mining this data with big data analytics reveals new insights into cancer biology which we hope will ultimately have an impact in the clinic,” said Dr. Claire Weston, CEO and founder of Reveal Biosciences and Reveal Oncology.

For more info about Reveal Oncology, please visit: About Reveal Oncology Reveal Oncology is a data company with a lab focused on the generation and analysis of biomarker expression data in solid tumors. Data acquisition and analysis of a continuously expanding set of patient tumor samples is ongoing. Reveal Oncology also offers the option to integrate custom drug targets, leveraging the power of their Next Generation Pathology NGPx™ Data Analytics Platform towards cancer research goals. Reveal Oncology stems from Reveal Biosciences, a leading contract research organization that was founded in 2012 that specializes in tissue-based research.

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