Radiation Overdoses Linked to Bracco Diagnostics Inc.'s Recalled CardioGen-82 PET Scan Device

Published: Sep 27, 2011

A federal safety investigation was prompted this summer by two heart patients who managed to set off security scanners at the U.S. border with lingering radiation in their bodies left over from previous nuclear testing they had undergone. One Sarasota, Fla., patient was stranded in Canada back in June as investigators tried to figure out why the patient was setting off radiation detectors. The Sarasota patient and a Nevada patient were detained by U.S. Customs officials about the same time and transported to a federal nuclear lab in in Oak Ridge, Tenn., for more tests. An international traveler was also picked up by radiation scanners after the investigation was underway. Both the Sarasota patient and the international traveler had undergone nuclear testing at the same Sarasota facility.

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