Quality Control Focus of Mustard Tree Instruments Presentations, Product Demos at Pittcon 2012

Published: Mar 21, 2012

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.) Mustard Tree Instruments®, continuing to lead the way in developing innovative solutions to evolving pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing challenges, shared best practices and new products to address quality control issues at the major industry tradeshow Pittcon 2012, the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science March 11-16.

Todd Blonshine, CEO, presented twice during the event on emerging multi-variant approaches to obtaining immediate, unambiguous results from drug product samples, in addition to hosting demos of his company’s VTT-1000 and VPS-1000 at-line and in-process raw material testing instrumentation.

“The strength of the VPS-1000 is its simplicity of installation and setup,” Blonshine explained, pointing out that the instrument can be setup within an hour and, once activated, can begin monitoring processing within ten minutes.

The VPS-1000 performs sensitive real-time testing of liquids, powders, solids, gels, suspensions and emulsions in a variety of harsh conditions and hygienic environments and is specifically designed to fit in the most compact pharmaceutical and chemical processing locations.

“Within a week customers can see visually trackable info,” he said, adding, “We give them a high-end spectroscopy device without the entanglement of a high-end device.”

Interest in the VPS-1000 is high within the chemical industry, with Mustard Tree receiving an increasing number of requests for demos. Blonshine points to the high cost of not catching mixture problems, with just one bad batch costing a chemical company a six-figure loss. When disposal of bad batches is added into the mix, the issue of dealing with pollutants comes into play, making the VPS-1000 an attractive “green” technology option for companies with zero-waste initiatives to protect the environment and realize huge cost savings.

Rugged and powerful, the VPS-1000 is about the size of laptop, whereas the VTT-1000 is about the size of a coffee maker, performing non-destructive chemical identification, size, and color analysis in benign environments.

Blonshine’s presentations at Pittcon centered on his submitted paper, “Multi-Variant Technology Combining Machine Vision with Raman Spectroscopy for Rapid Assessment of Pharmaceutical Drug Product Formulation and Dosage Strength” which he co-authored with his company’s Science Officer Brisco Harward, Ph.D. Both men, along with Chief Technical Officer Brian Garrett, continue to share insight in webinars, at events, and by addressing industry groups like the Society for Applied Spectroscopy.

For more information about the Mustard Tree Instruments® and their products, please visit www.mustardtree.com or email info@mustardtree.com. To view the educational video, “What is Raman Spectroscopy?” visit YouTube.com/MustardTreeTV.

About Mustard Tree Instruments®

Mustard Tree Instruments® accelerates the QC process by bringing testing from the lab to the production line (www.LAB2LINE.com). Mustard Tree Instruments® is redefining pharmaceutical manufacturing testing with unique at line or real time devices, the VTT-1000 and VPS-1000. Using Raman spectroscopy technology for enhanced accuracy, their instruments quickly verify raw material identity to final form dosage in solid, powder, and liquid product samples within seconds. The rapid and simple to set up analytics significantly reduce testing time and start-up costs while mitigating manufacturing risks associated with bad product batches. Mustard Tree Instruments is committed to fully engaging customers from purchase through implementation. For more information, visit www.mustardtree.com.

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