pVerify launches Highly scalable, Disaster-resistant Patient Eligibility Healthcare Infrastructure with Human-enabled AI


LOS ANGELES, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- pVerify launches highly scalable, disaster-resistant IT infrastructure for eligibility in collaboration with Onix.  "With this enhancement, pVerify joins the ranks of the most robust clearinghouses out there, providing fault tolerance, ability to handle over 100 million transactions a month, and smooth recovery in case of data center outage," said Robert Dejournett, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, pVerify. "Customers are used to pVerify's excellent robustness, and this enhancement puts us at 'five 9s' in terms of uptime (99.999%)." 

In 2017, pVerify successfully migrated to Google Cloud platform (GCP) to meet the evolving customer demands of over 10 million transactions a month. In 2019, pVerify teamed up with Onix to provide guidance for the new scaling and clustering project that required DR hardening and auto-scaling. These changes handle massive scaling and protection from system failure. The improvements have been seamless and transparent to the users, with less than 8 hours of downtime in all of last year. 

pVerify can now scale up instantly according to demand. For example, if a new client wants to start running 1 million transactions tomorrow, the new environment can handle it without the DevOps team having to do any additional work. If there is a data center outage, a new virtual machine will spin up in a different data center. Separation of the web servers and database servers provides scaling independent of demand with an additional layer of resilience. 

"pVerify's continued investment in enhancing scalability, reliability and security of its cloud-based technology infrastructure further consolidates its leadership position in the niche market of real-time/batch Patient Eligibility Verification. Addition of marquee customers like Medtronics, DJO and Ephraim McDowell is a testament to our robust human-enabled AI solution," added Jay Nitturkar, CEO of pVerify. 

pVerify's HIPAA Complaint, SaaS offering includes robust set of REST APIs, fully-customizable Eligibility Portal and Mobile SDKs that power mission-critical, front-end eligibility process solutions for leading software companies as well as ambulatory practices in the healthcare sector. In January 2020, pVerify released MBI (Medicare Beneficiary Identifier) lookup tool including batch process and API. pVerify is also the leader in DME (Durable Medical Equipment) eligibility space and dominant in physical therapy, dermatology, and ophthalmology spaces. 

pVerify® was founded in 2006 by a team of accomplished Healthcare Professionals with a singular focus: streamline the front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification processes to not only improve patient collections but also reduce back-office denials.

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