Prytime Medical™ Launches New ER-REBOA™ PLUS Catheter

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Prytime Medical Devices Inc. introduced its latest aortic occlusion catheter, the ER-REBOA™ PLUS this week at the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) Annual Meeting. Designed for improved ease of use, it is REBOA refined for controlling massive non-compressible hemorrhage.

“The original ER-REBOA™ catheter was an important start in delivering a new technology to help clinicians stabilize and manage certain scenarios of bleeding and shock; a technology that, to date, has contributed to saving hundreds of lives,” said Col. (Dr.) Todd Rasmussen, Director of the Battlefield Shock and Resuscitation Research Program at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. “However, we recognized from the outset that the original design and device would evolve. Even iterative changes in the technology, such as with the ER-REBOA™ PLUS, stand to make the devices easier to use, safer and more effective.”

“ER-REBOA™ PLUS represents the evolution of REBOA based on experience and input from civilian trauma surgeons,” said David Spencer, CEO, Prytime. “The civilian marketplace believes that no one should bleed to death, and the sooner you stop the bleeding the better. The ER-REBOA™ PLUS catheter was developed to help doctors preserve their clinical options for optimal care and best outcomes.”

To learn more about Prytime Medical™ and the ER-REBOA™ PLUS Catheter, go to or call (210) 340-0116.

About Prytime Medical Devices, Inc.

Prytime Medical Devices, Inc. designs, develops and commercializes minimally invasive solutions for hemorrhage control. The underlying intellectual property for the ER-REBOA™ Catheter was conceived by experienced military vascular surgeons Dr. Todd Rasmussen and Dr. Jonathan Eliason, based on lessons learned in combat trauma surgery. The successful transition to use in civilian trauma has contributed to product evolution which will contribute to saving even more lives.

As an active duty servicemember, Dr. Rasmussen assigned all his intellectual property rights to the Air Force, for which he receives zero financial compensation.


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Source: Prytime Medical Devices, Inc.

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