PhotoCure Launches Allumera® a New, Dynamic Cosmetic for Achieving Timeless Skin

PRINCETON, N.J., June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Photocure, the world leader in photodynamic technology today announced the commercial launch of Allumera in the US, the first Photodynamic Cosmetic specifically formulated to improve the overall appearance of skin, reduce outward signs of aging and minimize the appearance of pores with minimal downtime and results that last.

"There is an unmet need in the aesthetic dermatology market and by utilizing Photocure's technology Allumerafills that gap for Dermatologists and consumers who want a non-invasive method for improving the overall appearance of their skin," said Kjetil Hestdal President and CEO of Photocure.

Look Your Best At Any Age

A large consumer study was completed in the US. In a survey of study participants conducted three months after the last Allumeracosmetic treatment, the majority of women reported:

  • Their skin looked and felt more radiant.
  • Their skin felt better hydrated and smoother.
  • Their skin felt revitalized, younger-looking and more beautiful.
  • They would recommend Allumerato a friend.

Additionally, participants who received three Allumeracosmetic treatments experienced a 44%reduction in the appearance of pores, three months after the last treatment.

"Allumerais an exciting, effective new option for patients that want their skin to look refreshed and timeless, without the down time of more aggressive procedures," said Dr. Jeanine Downie, Director of Image Dermatology PC. "The innovation Allumerabrings to the non-invasive category is the reduction in the appearance of pores, with results that last."

"We are thrilled to be able to introduce Allumeraas a new class of photodynamic skin care that produces beautiful results that last," said Terry Conrad, President of Photocure US. "This is an important milestone for Photocure's U.S. portfolio and we are eager to bring this exciting product to the US aesthetic dermatology market."

Allumerais available at aesthetic dermatology offices that offer cosmetic procedures.

After Allumeraapplication, it is recommended that patients protect exposed skin from direct sun contact for 48 hours. Some patients may experience mild redness, slight swelling or dryness, which typically disappears within two days. Brings Dynamic Skin Care To Life

As part of the launch of Allumera, an interactive web platform, for consumers and aesthetic dermatologists has been created. The site provides valuable information about Photodynamic Cosmetics and what Allumeracan do for overall aesthetic improvement. Site visitors can also review study results, a before-and-after photo gallery, download consumer brochures and video testimonials. A well trained customer service team can be reached at 1-855-Allumera, to answer questions and provide additional information about Allumera.

About Photocure US

Photocure US is the US subsidiary of Photocure ASA, located in Princeton, NJ and will focus on the area of dermatology. Allumera is the company's first cosmetic product introduction.

About Photocure ASA

Photocure ASA is a worldwide leader in photodynamic technology. Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: PHO), Photocure is focused on photodynamic technologies in dermatology and cancer. The company strives to solve unmet needs by developing new and innovative solutions based on its patented Photocure Technology. Photocure markets and sells its own products in selected markets and has developed strong partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies on a regional and global basis. Photocure's bladder cancer diagnostic product, Hexvix® is approved in the European Union and the US. Setting new standards for diagnosis and treatment of several different conditions, Photocure Technology is continuously being tested for new products and applications in cancer and dermatology. Allumera, Photocure® and Hexvix® are registered trademarks of Photocure ASA. For more information about Photocure, visit our website at

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