PARI Pharma, New Name of PARI Aerosol Research Institute

Published: Mar 28, 2007

MUNICH, Germany, March 28 /PRNewswire/ -- To highlight a greater focus on new and emerging drug therapies developed in conjunction with their advanced eFlow electronic nebulizer and formulation technologies, PARI Aerosol Research Institute is now PARI Pharma GmbH.

"For the last eight years, we have been developing ways to improve respiratory therapies for patients beyond what we can do on the device side alone. We have a team of 75 scientists, engineers, and technology specialists who focus solely on drug and device optimization, including inhalation formulation and device development, as well as investigate new aerosol therapies," said Dr. Martin Knoch, President of PARI Pharma. "The name change to PARI Pharma communicates more accurately our core competencies and business model. We are at a very exciting point in our company history and for the future of customized inhalation therapies where drug and device are developed together."

PARI's eFlow is an electronic, portable nebulizer that enables extremely efficient aerosolization of liquid medications and vaccines via a vibrating, perforated membrane. Its gentle method of aerosolization generates low shear forces and no additional heat -- minimizing or eliminating the risk of damaging fragile biomolecules, including vaccines.

Combined with its silent mode of operation, small size, light weight, and battery use, eFlow produces aerosols with a very high density of drug, a precisely defined droplet size, and a high proportion of respirable droplets delivered in the shortest possible amount of time.

"These advancements with eFlow, as well as our formulation expertise, have led to numerous pharmaceutical partnerships that extend beyond optimizing just the device," stated Manfred Keller, Executive Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer. "PARI Pharma is able to offer full inhalation product development including novel formulations that follow international guidelines."

Ongoing drug-and-device projects include treatments for cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD, lung transplant rejection, RSV, and the potential for vaccines to be delivered via nebulizer. In each instance, our goal is that the advances associated with eFlow and targeted delivery to the lungs will result in reduced side effects and shorter treatment times that lead to increased compliance for patients.

About PARI Pharma

PARI Pharma GmbH is a company under PARI Medical Holding GmbH dedicated to advancing aerosol therapies through innovative device and formulation technologies. PARI is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of fast and efficient aerosol delivery systems for patients with asthma, chronic lung disease, and cystic fibrosis. PARI's primary focus is to provide patients with innovative products and services that help control disease.

PARI Pharma develops pharmaceutical drug products for pulmonary and nasal administration as liquid aerosols and already has several clinical development programs ongoing, either partnered or on its own. PARI Pharma is located in Munich, Germany, with a major presence in the United States. Online at

Additional information on eFlow is available by contacting Kirsten Ayars at 805-452-7909 or Geoff Hunziker at 831-372-3580.

PARI Pharma GmbH

CONTACT: Kirsten Ayars, +1-805-452-7909, or Geoff Hunziker,+1-831-372-3580

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