Pamlab LLC Release: Study Published in Diabetes Journal, Indicates Alleviation in Diabetes-Induced Large and Small Fiber Neuropathies in Rats with Prescription Medical Food

Published: Jul 09, 2012

NEW ORLEANS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pamlab L.L.C., developer and marketer of Metanx®, announced today that a study, which demonstrated that dietary management of endothelial dysfunction with Metanx® alleviates diabetes-induced large and small fiber neuropathies in rats, was published in the journal Diabetes. The study, conducted by Dr. Irina G. Obrosova and her colleagues from Pennington Biomedical Research Center, utilized Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) rats, a model of Type 2 diabetes, to evaluate Metanx® on diabetic neuropathy. The study also demonstrated that nutritional management of diabetic peripheral neuropathy with Metanx® increased intraepidermal nerve fiber density i.e., promoted small sensory nerve fiber regeneration in the test rats.

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