Ongoing MRSA Epidemic - A Major Global Threat

CHICAGO, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- World MRSA Day continues to remind the healthcare industry and politicians of the ongoing global MRSA epidemic, which is a public health disaster. Complacency by federal, state and county health departments along with most healthcare facilities' inaction and lack of commitment fuels the ongoing epidemic. "MRSA must become a top political priority as MRSA infection rates are underreported in the United States and globally," states Jeanine Thomas, founder of MRSA Survivors Network and World MRSA Day.

The 2018 global theme for World MRSA Day is "The Ongoing MRSA Epidemic - A Call to Action."

FREE MRSA Screening at World MRSA Day Event - September 29, 2018 - Chicago

This year is the 10th Anniversary of World MRSA Day and World MRSA Awareness Month - October and at the annual World MRSA Day Kickoff Event & C. diff Summit in Chicago there will be free MRSA screening for the first 80 attendees. Free MRSA screening to the public has never been offered anywhere before (a simple nasal swab) in the U.S. or globally and made possible by Roche Diagnostics.

Roche's cobas® MRSA/SA Test utilizing rapid molecular technology is a fast, effective, and efficient way to test for both MRSA and Staph aureus (SA) in patient samples. It enables early identification of colonized patients to support the prevention and control of MRSA and SA infections in healthcare settings and the community.

Sponsors: Roche, Cepheid, NBC5 Chicago, Melinta, Telligen.

Patients should be screened for MRSA before surgery to help prevent a post-surgical infection. Northern European countries have been controlling MRSA to low infection rates by screening patients for decades, thoroughly decontaminating healthcare facilities, strict hand hygiene compliance and prudent use of antibiotics. The U.S. Veterans Health Administration has universally screened their patients for MRSA since 2007 in all 150 of their facilities and reduced infection rates by over 80%. All U.S. healthcare facilities should be screening all high-risk patients for MRSA if not universally screening all patients.

Downloadable posters are at MRSA Survivors Network and their alliance partner MRSA Action UK will be promoting World MRSA Day/Month in the U.K.

MRSA Survivors Network was founded in 2003 - the first patient/consumer advocacy organization in the U.S. to raise the alarm concerning MRSA and healthcare-acquired infections. They give support to MRSA patients, families, educate, raise awareness and dedicated to saving lives.

For information on event or becoming a Corporate Sponsor, donate, or volunteer contact us at: 630 325-4354,,, and at

Jeanine Thomas

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