Oklahoma Higher Education Embraces Digital Healthcare, Gut First


HOUSTON, Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vivante Health, inventors of the GIThrive all-in-one digital program for gut health and disease, is pleased to announce its partnership with Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Interlocal Group (OKHEEI). September 9, 2019, GIThrive opened to more than 6,610 eligible OKHEEI members, billed through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma.

Vivante Health believes it's time to reshape workplace benefits through a simple yet innovative approach—gut first. "Digestive health is linked to so many other chronic conditions, not just IBS and inflammatory bowel diseases, but even things like asthma, allergies, and emotional health," said Bill Snyder, Vivante Health president and chief commercial officer. "We're so happy to bring this program with Oklahoma educators."

GIThrive is a digital health solution with a human touch. Within minutes of enrolling, OKHEEI participants will have direct access to a team of digestive health experts. Care teams include registered dietitians and advocates called Health Sherpas to guide users through the program. For chronic conditions like IBS, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, GIThrive provides personal nutrition plans to reduce inflammation and dramatically lessen the frequency and severity of GI symptoms.

According to Chloe Smith, AVP of product strategy at Vivante, GIThrive is not just for people with a chronic GI disorder. "About 75% of our current users just want help with general gut health, not necessarily a diagnosed condition," said Smith. The GIThrive program includes self-guided educational courses on digestive health and related topics. In 2019, the company added GutCheck, the at-home microbiome test kit to its program offerings. "GutCheck is very popular," said Smith. "Our members love getting a report that explains the bacterial imbalances in their GI tract, how that's tied to their symptoms, and then exactly what they can do to set it right."

As a coalition of 12 colleges and universities, OKHEEI is able to offer innovative and competitive benefits like GIThrive to its members while keeping premiums affordable. The group's medical and pharmacy claims are managed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma. Beginning this month, GIThrive is a covered health program for OKHEEI members.

About Vivante Health
Vivante Health is an innovative digital healthcare company reinventing the way chronic conditions are managed, gut first. Our all-in-one digital gut health program, GIThrive, empowers people—through brilliant technology, advanced science, and on-demand expert support—to improve digestive health, while lowering cost of care. Learn how employers and health plans are saving money with GIThrive. For more info, email 221573@email4pr.com

The Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Interlocal Group (OKHEEI) consists of 12 colleges and universities across the state of Oklahoma, as well as the Administrative Office of the Regional University System of Oklahoma. These institutions joined forces to more effectively and economically provide competitive benefits for their employees. For more information, visit okheei.org.

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