Novel Sleep Biomarkers Linked to Neurodegenerative Disease

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. announces the discovery of two novel sleep biomarkers linked to neurodegenerative disease at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN).

“The biomarkers were discovered with the company’s Sleep Profiler™, while being used by National Institute of Health-funded research collaborators across seven U.S. institutions,” stated Daniel J. Levendowski, the studies’ lead author.

The first biomarker, called Non-REM Sleep with Hypertonia, was pronounced in patients with Parkinson’s disease, REM sleep behavior disorder and those with Dementia with Lewy Bodies or Parkinson’s Disease Dementia, but limited in those with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease dementia or normal cognition. The second biomarker, Atypical Stage N3 Sleep, was found to be significantly greater in patients with synucleinopathies with dementia. Both biomarkers exhibited the characteristics one would expect for the prodromal assessment of synucleinopathies. The findings presented at AAN are summarized in this short video.

Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. is a privately held neuro-diagnostics device company specializing in the acquisition and analysis of EEG during wake and sleep and the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing. The Company's products are used in clinical trials and in clinical practice to interpret brain function as it relates to early-stage neurodegeneration and chronic diseases, improve sleep quality, and enhance performance. Over 50,000 nights of Sleep Profiler™ data were acquired by sleep medicine professionals, neurologists, and researchers during the past two years. Since 2013, the Company has been awarded 19 patents which include seven FDA-cleared and CE-marked products. From its inception in 1999, the Company has been awarded over $37 million in government R&D funding.


Daniel J. Levendowski
President and Co-founder
Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.


Source: Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.

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