New Virostat Inc. Monoclonal Antibodies to Chikungunya Virus

Published: Sep 14, 2011

September 14, 2011 -- Chikungunya virus can be found in tropical Asia and Africa. It typically causes a 2-3 day fever sometimes with an associated rash. Arthritic pain in the joints and limbs often follows and can last up to weeks or months. Chikungunya virus is a member of the Alphaviruses. The virus is transmitted by the bite of an infected Aedes mosquitoe and thus is an Arbovirus.

ViroStat has released 3 new monoclonal antibodies specific to the Chikungunya virus as well as 2 monoclonal antibodies that are Alphavirus group specific.

To download the data sheet for these NEW Antibodies and to obtain pricing, go to the ViroStat website at or call 207-856-6620

ViroStat, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of infectious disease antigens and antibodies, supplying researchers and manufacturers since 1985. Specialties include high affinity antibodies to Flu A, Flu B, RSV & Strep A for use in rapid lateral flow devices as well as antibodies to food-borne pathogens and toxins. Also, many specificities to HCV, HBV, CMV & EBV for use in anti-viral HTS assays

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