Neoteric Technology Ltd. Receives U.S. FDA Marketing Clearance For Blood Management Products

Published: Nov 14, 2006

VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Neoteric Technology Ltd. announced today that it has received marketing clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for BloodTrack®, a suite of products used in hospitals to manage blood inventory and ensure safe transfusions at the bedside.

"FDA Clearance will allow us to bring our experience from more than 60 installations in the UK to the U.S. market," said Geof Auchinleck, Neoteric's president. "We expect to see a similar impact on blood safety and the cost of blood transfusion in the U.S. as we have experienced in the UK."

"Using BloodTrack we've seen a reduction of blood usage by as much as 25 percent in some locations. At $500 a blood unit, and thousands of units transfused a year, this can save hospitals millions of dollars," Auchinleck says.

About BloodTrack Products

BloodTrack is a comprehensive suite of products that extends control of blood products beyond the blood bank. BloodTrack Courier is a kiosk based system used at remote refrigerators to electronically track blood units and monitor inventory levels while BloodTrack Hemosafe® is a sophisticated refrigerated vending machine that provides controlled allocation of blood in locations such as the OR and ER. Once the blood unit arrives at the bedside, nurses use a handheld PDA with BloodTrack SafeTx to scan the blood unit and patient's barcoded wristband to ensure the right patient receives the right blood. For more information about BloodTrack products, go to

About Neoteric Technology Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Neoteric Technology Ltd. is a Vancouver, B.C. based company that provides health care software solutions to over 100 hospitals in Europe and North America. For more information, go to

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