Nanogen, Inc. Establishes Scandinavian Gene Synthesis as New Licensee for Molecular In Vitro Diagnostics

Published: Feb 04, 2009

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nanogen, Inc. (Nasdaq: NGEN), developer of molecular and rapid diagnostic products, announced today that it has signed a licensing and supply agreement with Scandinavian Gene Synthesis (SGS) for use of the Company’s proprietary MGB Probe technology and synthetic nucleic acid chemistries including dyes and quenchers for use in human in vitro diagnostic testing. Under the licensing agreement, SGS will have rights to use their cGMP manufacturing capabilities to make and sell molecular diagnostic products incorporating the Nanogen molecular technology. Terms of the agreement include an upfront license fee and the commitment for Nanogen to supply component products for use by SGS in the design and manufacture of custom DNA oligonucleotides for the molecular IVD industry.

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