Mustard Tree Instruments Announces Hazardous Location Certification for VPS-1000 In-Process Material Verification Tool

Published: Sep 25, 2012

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.) Analytical instrumentation innovator Mustard Tree Instruments (R) is proud to announce that its Verifier (TM) Process System 1000 (VPS-1000) in-process material verification tool has achieved Class 1, Division 1, Group B, C, and D certification.

The new certification expands the uses of the VPS-1000 for fast, reliable, non-contact, non-destructive chemical identification and quantitative analysis in multiple pharmaceutical manufacturing, petrochemical, and chemical processing environments.

"We've seen growing interest in the VPS-1000 for quality control of raw materials, mixtures, reactants, and finished products in facilities where dust or chemical vapors are present," Mustard Tree Founder Todd Blonshine said, adding, "This important certification confirms the instrument can be safely hooked up directly to production lines taking the analyzer to the sample to get real time chemical information."

The VPS-1000 evaluates and identifies chemical properties of liquids, powders, solids, gels, suspensions and emulsion materials. Using a non-destructive Raman laser to penetrate through a flow cell or sight glass, with no sample contact, the VPS-1000 eliminates the need for human exposure to the process materials. About the size of a laptop computer and weighing about 12 pounds, the VPS-1000 uses advanced analytical software supporting real time, in-process quality control decisions in terms useful for line operators. Observations, analyses, and decisions are retained per industry standards for quality and regulatory compliance.

"The ability to operate in hazardous environments is part of the design construct of the VPS-1000 from its inception," said Peter Cregger, Mustard Tree Chief Operating Officer.

According to Cregger, the certification process began in 2011, with design certification submitted in February 2012. In March a safety analysis was performed by Cary-based CertifiGroup, an ISO 17025-accredited regulatory compliance and product safety testing firm. Hazardous location certification was granted in August 2012. CertifiGroup is one of the most respected testing laboratories in the country, working with high-profile customers like GlaxoSmithKline, Hart Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, Cree and Bayer.

Mustard Tree is working with ACW Technology, Inc. in Durham to manufacture the VPS-1000. A leading electronics manufacturing services provider, ACW serves commercial, industrial, aerospace, defense, security, and other markets in manufacturing and testing technically advanced products and systems.

"Mustard Tree has strong ties to North Carolina and being able to partner with ACW to manufacture our units here in the U.S. was a key factor in selecting them," Cregger said.

Having the VPS-1000 manufactured by a trusted vendor just down the road from Mustard Tree’s offices will help with logistics in delivering the important verification tool to customers quickly once an order is placed, enhancing its already impressive installation timeline.

"The VPS-1000 can be set-up and validated in weeks, not months, conveniently mounting on a wide variety of process connections," Cregger explained, adding, the instrument is easy to use and configure and can be installed and uninstalled easily and repeatedly for use on batch tanks.

The VPS-1000 allows users to make instant quality control decisions on the go, adjusting production when inconsistencies are found and avoiding costly recalls of finished product. The responsiveness of the VTT 1000 helps reduce manufacturing lead time so manufacturers can be more responsive to customer demand and generate more revenue in a shorter amount of time, realizing a higher return on investment in personnel, testing, plant utilization and warehouse capacity.

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About Mustard Tree Instruments (R)

Mustard Tree Instruments (R) accelerates the QC process with reliable results, bringing testing from the lab to the production line ( Mustard Tree Instruments is redefining chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing testing with unique multi-variant at-line and in-line devices, the VTT 1000 and VPS 1000. Using Raman spectroscopy technology for enhanced accuracy, these easy to use instruments quickly verify raw materials in solid, powder, and liquid product samples within seconds. The rapid analytics of the VTT 1000 and VPS 1000 significantly reduce testing time and set-up costs while mitigating manufacturing risks associated with bad product batches. Mustard Tree Instruments is committed to fully engaging customers from purchase through implementation. For more information, visit

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