Mo Bio Laboratories, Inc. Launches the PowerMag(TM) Soil and Microbial DNA Isolation Kits

Published: Jun 07, 2012

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., the leader in soil, water and microbial nucleic acid purification, announces the launch of the PowerMag Soil and Microbial DNA Isolation Kits, for automated purification of DNA from soil, stool, microbial and food cultures using the epMotion® and KingFisher® automated processing systems.


MO BIO's novel MagnaClear technology, included in the PowerMag Soil DNA Isolation Kit, enables automated purification of DNA from soil, stool and environmental samples without surface binding to the beads, eliminating the adsorption of organic inhibitors that is typical of other magnetic bead technologies, and facilitating isolation of pure DNA. The PowerMag Microbial DNA Isolation Kit contains unique MagnaSwift technology, developed for rapid, automated purification of inhibitor-free DNA from pure microbial cultures, food cultures and swabs. The PowerMag Soil and Microbial DNA Kits are the first magnetic bead-based purification kits to incorporate patented Inhibitor Removal Technology®, which removes PCR-inhibiting compounds associated with soil, stool and food cultures, including humic substances, phenolics, lipids and polysaccharides.

The PowerMag Soil and Microbial DNA Isolation Kits are available now. For more information, visit the MO BIO website ( or call 800-606-6246.

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. ( has developed innovative tools for researchers in molecular biology since 1993. A global leader in solutions for soil and microbial nucleic acid purification, MO BIO's Power® kits contain patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® for removal of PCR inhibiting substances during the nucleic acid purification procedure. For samples that do not require inhibitor removal, MO BIO's UltraClean® line includes optimized products for DNA and RNA isolation from a variety of sample types. For clinical samples, the BiOstic kits provide solutions for higher yields and purity of nucleic acids. At MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., our focus is quality products that work, save time and function for all sample types, not just the easy ones. It is MO BIO's aim to make researchers' working lives more productive and efficient, creating time to focus on what is critical, not just in work, but in life.

SOURCE MO BIO Laboratories, Inc.

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