MIDSCI Release: High Throughput Process Development and Media Optimization of Production Cell Lines

Published: Jul 11, 2008

Versatile disposable culture system for high-throughput process development and media optimization of mammalian production cell lines. This system is economical compared to larger production Bioreactors, allowing large numbers of parallel experiments. Bioreactor Tubes mfg. by TPP have a nominal volume of 50 ml with a culture volume of 1 to 40 ml.

Able to mimic standard bioreactor conditions on a smaller scale, Bioreactor Tubes offers efficient gas exchange through a cap with a hydrophobic membrane (0.22┬Ám pores) and selectable ventilation holes allowing regulated gas exchange.

As a process optimization tool, this system allows cultures to start in the bioreactor under production conditions and then on the day of interest, cells from the production run are transferred into the 50ml Bioreactor Tubes. Process parameters are then screened in the shaken system under defined conditions for gas transfer, and the optimal parameters are then verified in a bioreactor.

MIDSCI headquarters is located at 280 Vance Road, St. Louis, MO 63088

More information: http://thelabshark.com/cat/prodprice2_Detail.cfm?ID=2373

Larry Degenhart

Technical information contact:
Bill Gierasch
877- 227-9911 X-111

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