Micromanufacturing and Laser Cutting Resource Available at Potomac Photonics

Published: Jan 31, 2011

Lanham, MD, January 26, 2011 -- A brand new resource that simplifies the process for Engineers to design, develop and have their miniature parts fabricated has been released. Leading microfabrication company, Potomac Photonics, has launched a website packed full of cutting edge interactive tools and materials to assist those who are looking to bring their micro products to market in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Filled with material on micromachining and laser cutting, the site will enable engineers to utilize and explore a range of technologies related to precision manufacturing. In addition, users will also be able to upload their drawings directly to Potomac for quotation. The site features informative case studies, an expansive knowledge base, and other information related to micromachining.

In business for more than 29 years, Potomac is a micro manufacturing industry leader. The company is focused on helping clients design, develop and bring their microproducts to the market.

“We have achieved our dual goals of simplifying the interaction with our clients and streamlining the process of cost estimation and fabrication of micro products “ commented Mike Adelstein, President and CEO of Potomac Photonics. “Our customers now have multiple portals to communicate their requirements to us, such as the ability to upload drawings, live chat, and other web based functions.”


Potomac Photonics is a leader in microfabrication that has helped many clients develop miniature products and bring them to market. Utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technology, Potomac has been recognized by both commercial and government agencies for innovative contributions to areas such as medical device manufacturing and electronics fabrication. Potomac’s high-tech facility is located in Lanham, MD, is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified.

Contact Potomac at sales@potomac-laser.com or (301)459-3031

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