Metagenics Inc. Release: New Medical Study Ignites Consciousness Debate for Patients in Comas or Vegetative States

Published: Nov 21, 2011

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The therapeutic nutrition in medical foods, a category recognized by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), is one of the latest resources available to fight chronic illness and obesity, according to presentations given at the recent World Health Forum at Harvard Medical School. The series of workshops on clinical, regulatory, research and business trends of medical foods was hosted on October 26 by Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., FACN, FACB, CNS, Chief Science Officer for Metagenics, Inc. The two day program also included presentations by Willy PardiƱas, B.S., M.B.A., Senior Vice President, General Manager of Americas for Metagenics, Inc., other Metagenics scientists, and noted researchers, economists, and public policy leaders in healthcare and biotech. Metagenics, a nutrigenomics and lifestyle medicine company dedicated to reducing chronic illness and improving health, is recognized internationally for its leadership and innovation in these fields and for pioneering the science of using food as medicine.

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