Megadalton Solutions Brings its CDMS Technology to Waters' Immerse Cambridge Lab to Collaborate on Enabling Research for Cell and Gene Therapies

Companies innovate together to extend Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry (CDMS) to the cell and gene therapy sectors

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Megadalton Solutions, Inc., an early-stage biotech with expertise in large molecule analysis by Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry (CDMS), today announced the expansion of a collaboration with Waters Corporation to bring CDMS technology to a broader set of applications and potential customers in biopharma.

The CDMS detector employed by Megadalton Solutions provides a high-throughput analytical tool for the cell and gene therapy sectors. Through their established agreement, Waters will conduct extensive testing of Megadalton's CDMS technology within its new Immerse Cambridge innovation and research lab, using it in collaborative engagements with academic and commercial pharma and biopharma partners in both the New England scientific community and beyond.

Waters became a strategic investor in Megadalton Solutions in 2020. Large molecule mass spectrometry offers an important tool for the characterization and support of next-generation pharmaceutical biologics, which is a key component in Waters' customer experience initiatives.

"Working with Megadalton's CDMS technology for R&D purposes as well as to leverage it with the pharma and biopharma scientists in Cambridge and beyond is exactly why we opened our Immerse Cambridge lab," said Kelly Johnson, Director of Waters' Immerse Innovation & Research Labs. "This represents an excellent opportunity for scientists developing cell and gene therapies to engage with both our companies to get access to deep expertise and the latest in cutting-edge analytical instruments that could help advance their work. This is the kind of innovation Waters wishes to enable with the biotech and scientific communities."

"We're thrilled that Waters, an industry leader in mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography, recognizes the potential of CDMS as an important tool to extend the accessible mass range of mass spectrometry. Waters' interest in cell and gene therapy separations create a nice harmony with our work," said Martin F. Jarrold, CEO at Megadalton Solutions, Inc. "We are pleased to have them as a strategic investor and look forward to our future collaboration to develop in this space."

To learn more, join Waters and Megadalton Solutions on December 8th for an informational webinar and Q&A session on CDMS technology and its applications for large biological molecules and complexes.

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Megadalton Solutions is an early-stage biotechnology company developing CDMS based assays for the analysis of large molecules such as gene therapies. Gene based therapies represent the next generation of medicine, and many of the platforms utilized fall outside the size range of conventional mass spectrometry. CDMS overcomes the limitations of conventional mass spectrometry to allow for the precision of mass spectrometry to be extended to this new class of therapeutics. For more information go to:

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