Mediatech, Inc. Becomes Exclusive Supplier For Rapak Biotech Aseptic Filling System

Published: Feb 02, 2007

HERNDON, Va., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Mediatech, a market leader in sterile solutions, and Rapak, a leading supplier of packaging and filling systems have entered into a business agreement for the exclusive marketing and sale of aseptic filling equipment and filling glands to the US biotechnology marketplace. The Intasept(R) line of aseptic filling systems is built to ensure the highest Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). This partnership creates the opportunity for major pharmaceutical companies to substantially reduce the costs to aseptically produce and package sterile solutions into flexible containers in house.

The system has been proven in the USA and overseas. Mediatech has used Rapak's Intasept(R) filling technology in their Herndon VA facility to package sterile liquids into flexible containers for over 20 years.

The Intasept(R) Sterile Aseptic transfer technology was designed for bioprocess containers used in large-scale production of drugs and biologics. Each bioprocess container has a 16mm Intasept(R) gland (filling port). The gland features two laminated barrier membranes, which allows interface sterilization and resealing without removing the bag from the filling head. At no time during the filling cycle is the product exposed to any potential contamination. The Intasept(R) Model 2416M Filler is just one of the Rapak filling machines offered by Mediatech, Inc. The fill glands and adapters are sold in conjunction with the sterile filling machines.

There are a number of benefits to using the Intasept filling technology system. Most notably, the ease and convenience of having a sterile in-house filler on which various sized containers can be processed all in the same run. It eliminates the need and cost to connect the containers together on a manifold. The filling operation is simple and fast. Individual pre-sterilized containers from 100 mL up to 200 L capacity are presented to the filler. The filler sterilizes the filling port on the container, meters a set amount of sterile solution into the container and then hermetically reseals the fill port. The filler is Clean-in-Place (CIP), then sterilized and Clean-in-Place (CIP) following each production run.

About Rapak:

Rapak, a division of DS Smith Plastics, is one of the world's leading suppliers of bag-in-box packaging and both aseptic and non-aseptic filling systems. They are a single source for all bag-in-box requirements as well as specifying, supplying and installing filling machines for every type of liquid product. Rapak's systems approach involves working closely with customers to create tailor-made bag-in-box systems that bring products to market in the fastest possible time.

About Mediatech:

Mediatech, Inc., a market leader, manufactures and supplies sterile solutions and molecular reagents to biopharmaceutical industry, academic and government research facilities and biotechnology companies. The diverse portfolio includes cell culture media, salt solutions, antibiotics, sera, and bioprocess collection containers. Mediatech is in compliance with FDA Guidelines for Class 1 Medical Devices and is certified under ISO 13485:2003. For more information on this or any other products visit

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