London Genetics Launches Molecular Cytogenetics Service at International Biotechnology Conference

Published: Jun 19, 2008

London, June 17, 2008 – London Genetics today announced at BIO2008 the launch of a new molecular cytogenetics testing service. As a result of an exclusive agreement, both academic and industrial researchers will now be able to access the cutting edge expertise of the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital Cytogenetics Core Facility (CCF) laboratory through London Genetics. The new service covers all aspects of molecular and conventional cytogenetics and is in response to growing demand from the massive genomics research market. Customers are expected to range from researchers concerned about cell line integrity, including the emerging area of adult stem cells through to those looking for karyotypic analysis on for example, somatic cells.

According to London Genetics’ CEO Nick Lench, the new service is world class in all aspects: “Through an accredited CPA laboratory, we can now offer what we believe is a winning combination of a comprehensive range of testing services delivered in a way that meets the real needs of customers. For example, for advanced research, we can already provide cutting edge new techniques such as array comparative genome hybridisation (aCGH) and copy number variation validation. Or for other laboratories with a backlog of samples to clear, we can perform G-banding and fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH) analyses for standard, well-defined chromosomal re-arrangements. Finally, the staff at CCF are highly skilled, registered scientists, yet another example of the excellent genetics resources in London to which London Genetics is providing international access.”

Dr H Kempski of CCF welcomed the link up with London Genetics: “We receive a constant flow of testing requests because of our expertise in areas such as somatic genomic abnormalities in leukaemias and solid tumours and the characterisation and confirmation of novel, repository-derived and transformed adult stem cell lines. Working through London Genetics will enable us to plan for and meet the expected growth in demand to ensure customers continue to receive the highest possible levels of service and support.”

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