Lawyer Joseph "Joe" Awad Set for MENSA Annual Conference Keynote on Med Malpractice Epidemic

New York's Best Known Medical Malpractice Lawyer to Present: "Malpractice Inc. - Surviving U.S. Profits-before-Patients Healthcare" at MENSA Event


NEW YORK, July 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Author Joe Awad, New York's most successful medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyer, is slated to keynote the MENSA Annual Gathering July 7th in Indianapolis, Indiana.

MENSA's AG attendees, membership requiring a top 2% IQ, will assess: Malpractice Inc. - Surviving U.S. Profits-before-Patients Healthcare, based on his upcoming eponymous book focusing on:

  • Why medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.
  • How regulators take years to pull a bad doctor's license if they even take action
  • The surgical error epidemic, commonplace obstetric malpractice, and other threats
  • How massive corporations kill patients by slashing "costs" while buying up American hospitals

Trial lawyer Joseph Awad, fresh from New York courtrooms helping medical malpractice victims and families receive full compensation for horrific injuries caused by physicians and hospital staff ignoring patient safety rules, gives a terrifying look at a "corporatized" and reckless healthcare system that awaits us all.

Awad will share tips on how to stay safe in hospitals and offer policy solutions to America's death-ridden healthcare system.

"MENSA members are an ideal audience for this message," says Awad. "Beyond the stratospheric intellect, MENSANS populate executive and other influential positions throughout American life where they can take action on these very-real and urgent threats to our health."

The MENSA event marks the start of Awad's lecture circuit appearances preceding the launch of his new Malpractice Inc. - Surviving U.S. Profits-before-Patients Healthcare book. (Sutton Hart Press 2018)

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MENSA: MENSA is an international society with the membership qualification standardized testing results in the population's top 2%. The nonprofit's purpose is to conduct research in psychology and social science, identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and serve as a means for stimulating intellectual and social contacts among its membership.

Joseph Awad: Joe founded and leads New York's best known medical malpractice law firm for serious injuries and wrongful death. A noted blogger, Joe Awad provides expert commentary for local and national media outlets. His second book: Malpractice Inc. is set for 2018 launch.

Sutton Hart Press: Sutton Hart is an award winning publishing house focused on informative non-fiction titles authored by high authority thought leaders including Norm Pattis, Brian Mahany, Joseph Tully, and Ainslie Waldron.


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