LakePharma And Distributed Bio Announce Strategic Technology Agreement

SAN FRANCISCO and BELMONT, Calif., May 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- LakePharma, the leading US-based biologics company offering integrated solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing, and Distributed Bio, Inc., a privately biotech company developing computational and discovery platforms for antibody discovery and engineering, today announced a technology partnership providing LakePharma the right to apply Distributed Bio SuperHuman Library in its antibody discovery service to clients in pharma and therapeutic biotech companies.

LakePharma is a leading US-based contract research organization (CRO) specializing in antibody and protein engineering, cell line development, and protein production.

The SuperHuman library was built on therapeutically-optimal frameworks with naturally selected diversity in a mathematically optimal manner. The resulting library is then subjected to a thermal tempering process to produce an ultra-diverse library where every molecule is functionally folding, well expressing, and very unique and distinct from other library members. "We at Distributed Bio are delighted to partner with LakePharma in offering access to our next generation SuperHuman library," says Jacob Glanville, co-founder and Chief Science Officer. "This partnership provides a disruptive combination of our ability to generate hundreds of high affinity, developable molecules against any lead with LakePharma's unrivaled capacity for scale and comprehensive pipeline assay offerings. It's an opportunity for any group to accelerate their therapeutic development programs past the competition."

Aaron Sato, Ph. D., Chief Scientific Officer of LakePharma, added: "I have been a huge advocate for the Distributed Bio superhuman library and know it is an excellent platform for discovering highly developable and potent antibody therapeutics. We are so excited to be able to offer Distributed Bio antibody discovery projects to our clients."

About LakePharma

LakePharma is the leading US-base biologics company specializing in antibody engineering, antibody discovery, molecular engineering, protein chemistry, bioexpression, biofunction, bioprocessing, and bioanalytics. LakePharma focuses on integrated platforms to support projects throughout the drug discovery process. LakePharma offers dedicated client services and sophisticated software to provide real-time access to project data via a secure cloud-based portal. For more information, please visit

Aaron Sato, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, LakePharma

About Distributed Bio

The scientists at Distributed Bio are field leaders in advanced computational immunoengineering of biomedicines. Distributed Bio's computationally optimized SuperHuman library enables rapid recovery of hundreds of unique high affinity, therapeutically developable fully human hits against any antigen. The Distributed Bio AbGenesis platform enables partners across the pharmaceutical industry to analyze and bioengineer monoclonals and TCRs with the help of high-throughput sequencing. By computational engineering of the targets, the Distributed Bio epitope focusing technology can accelerate monoclonal discovery and enables a new class of vaccines.

Jacob Glanville, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer, Distributed Bio


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