Kalen Biomedical, LLC Offers New Product Line

Published: Dec 20, 2010

Montgomery Village, MD – December 20, 2010 – Kalen Biomedical, LLC (www.kalenbiomed.com), is pleased to announce a new product line of certified nonpyrogenic lipoproteins.

Kalen Biomedical, LLC is pleased to offer certified nonpyrogenic lipoprotein products to international cardiovascular scientists. “In response to customer demand, Kalen now offers lipoproteins that meet stringent endotoxin requirements,” said Kathy K. Foxx, President of Kalen Biomedical. Dr. M.J. Waxdal commented, “Our clients’ demanding applications require certified reagents to eliminate the high cost of repeated studies.”

About Kalen Biomedical, LLC

Kalen Biomedical, LLC is a growing biotechnology company focused on the production of essential products for cardiovascular research. Kalen Biomedical’s flagship lipoprotein product line now includes certified nonpyrogenic lipoproteins. The lipoprotein product line now includes native human lipoproteins and oxidized and acetylated low density lipoproteins (LDL). Lipoprotein probes offer the convenience of fluorescence or biotin labeled LDL. All products are supported by Kalen’s expert research team and are backed by Kalen’s performance guarantee.

For more information, please contact:

Kathy Foxx President Kalen Biomedical, LLC

Montgomery Village, MD 301.355.6155 (phone) 301.355.6156 (fax) info@kalenbiomed.com http://www.kalenbiomed.com

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