InterVenn Biosciences Expands Work in Glycoproteomics to Successfully Target a Range of Cancers and Other Indications

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- InterVenn Biosciences will present at the Precision Medicine World Congress (PMWC) this week to discuss updates on the company’s work in ovarian, non-small cell lung, pancreatic, liver, prostate, and renal cancer, all based on multi-cohort analyses. Klaus Lindpaintner, MD, MPH, InterVenn’s Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, will present on “InterVenn: 2020 Foresight – Harnessing Glycoproteomics for Precision Medicine” in the Clinical & Research Tools Showcase Track 7 on Friday, January 24, at 9:00 am, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

“We continue to see our glycoproteomic and artificial intelligence platform perform and produce highly impressive results across a broad range of indications, cohorts, and clinical applications, achieved in collaboration with multiple academic and industry partners,” said Aldo Carrascoso, Chief Executive Officer of InterVenn Biosciences.

New details on the on-going V.O.C.A.L. trial, which investigates a novel clinical decision-making tool for ovarian cancer, will also be presented. The trial is aimed at distinguishing malignant from benign pelvic tumors, to decrease the rate of unnecessary and potentially harmful surgeries. Dr. Lindpaintner will also preview examples of VennVista, a Research Use Only (RUO) product, and demonstrate the power of OpenPIP™, the company’s AI-enabled mass spectrometry data analysis engine that has been made available to the scientific community, enabling researchers to dramatically reduce the time and cost of processing mass spectrometry data while increasing the quality of results by eliminating observer bias.

“While genetics and genomics has facilitated impressive progress in the life sciences, it’s power is inherently limited by the static nature of (germ-line) genomics, and its relatively low complexity and dynamic range, as compared with the vastly richer information space of proteomics, in particular if we consider posttranslational modifications, such as glycosylation,” said Dr. Lindpaintner. “InterVenn has developed an artificial intelligence and machine learning -empowered liquid-chromatography- mass spectrometry platform that finally allows access to this deep information space by empowering the unparalleled resolution and accuracy of mass spectrometry with the data processing power that has heretofore precluded the clinical applicability of this technology. This is truly a breakthrough, as witnessed by the extremely impressive date we are generating in a growing number of indications.”

InterVenn BioSciences will exhibit at PMWC (Booth #B1005) where the company will be providing more in-depth group and one-on-one consultations about its glycoproteomic profiling and AI-driven analysis platform for Precision Medicine applications. Free, 30-minute, consultations may be booked here.

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About InterVenn Biosciences

InterVenn Biosciences utilizes a proprietary glycoproteomic biomarker interrogation platform using AI and mass spectrometry for next-gen precision medicine. The company is working to find new solutions for a range of oncological as well as other indications, together with applications from the VennVista suite of solutions for target discovery and validation, therapy response or disease recurrence monitoring, and patient stratification. For more information about InterVenn Biosciences, please visit the company’s website.


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