ICAP Ocean Tomo to Sell Patent Portfolio Related to a Cardiothoracic Surgery System Owned by Medcanica LLC

Published: Feb 17, 2010

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CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ICAP Ocean Tomo, the intellectual property brokerage division of ICAP plc (IAP.L), is offering for sale a patent portfolio relating to a cardiothoracic surgery system owned by Medcanica, LLC. The portfolio consists of 14 U.S. issued patents, 4 non-U.S. patents, and 1 U.S. patent application. The assets have been cited by Intuitive Surgical, Medical Components Inc., and Applied Medical Resources Corporation.

Medcanica's patent portfolio describes a cardiothoracic surgery system consisting of nine instruments that significantly improve the way traditional procedures are conducted for both the patient and surgeon. The system enables surgeons to gain access to the thoracic cavity in coronary bypass surgery without having to split the breastbone or sternum. The first two components of the system, the Anchoring Port and Folding Heart Stabilizer, work together to eliminate the sternotomy and provide intercoastal access through the ribs to the thoracic cavity while utilizing the chest wall to stabilize the heart. The Instrument Damping Port component of the system minimizes surgeon tremors by applying a center-biasing force, while the Atrial Retractor accesses the atrium and facilitates visualization of the mitral valve. Five accessory products complete the system. To view an animation of the Medcanica system, click here.

This patent portfolio exhibits attractive priority dates; strong, broad claims; and ongoing development of international protection. Two existing 510(k) approvals for devices establish a clear path to obtaining the necessary third approval at low cost and negligible risk. Medcanica's elegant solution to minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery reflects years of world-class R&D and several million dollars of investment. "Not only does this portfolio provide advanced solutions to minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery, it also has the potential to expand into the abdominal surgery sector as well," said nationally renowned cardiac surgeon and innovative health care businessman, Dr. Ralph de la Torre.

"The Medcanica portfolio provides an acquirer with an impressive number of patent claims and a strong barrier to entry into this market for more than a decade," said ICAP Ocean Tomo's Dean Becker. The system solves problems inherent in open-heart surgery without incurring the prohibitive cost or procedural limitations of competing products. Surgical tool manufacturers, medical device distributors, and other similar entities should find this portfolio a valuable asset.

To learn more about the patents available for sale in this portfolio or how to sell or buy intellectual property please contact ICAP Ocean Tomo at 1-866-779-8363 or at patent.brokerage@us.icap.com.

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