Hycor Biomedical Announces R&D Internship Program

Published: Dec 06, 2012

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Dec. 6. 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- HYCOR Biomedical, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of in vitro diagnostic products for the global allergy, autoimmune and urinalysis markets, today announced they have launched a paid internship program. The program provides University of California, Irvine (UCI) students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in research and development (R&D) with the potential to join HYCOR's talented R&D team as a full time employee. HYCOR currently employs 152 people worldwide.

"HYCOR is proud to be able to bring new jobs to the Orange County community by providing employment opportunities for UCI students currently enrolled in the university's School of Biological Sciences/Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology programs," said Dick Aderman, CEO, HYCOR. "We aim to help students gain valuable work experience in the Healthcare R&D space and are thankful to be able to recruit from this reputable university. We look forward to growing this program in 2013 and creating future investments in the local community."

HYCOR offers UCI students a paid internship that engages them in work with leading HYCOR scientists. The company is developing an automated analyzer and interns will have the opportunity to assist research associates with lab tasks around assay development. They will also have an opportunity to learn the AGILE project management process, study modern research techniques and experience working on a self-directed team to gain valuable and marketable experience to establish a competitive edge in today's job market.

HYCOR is currently recruiting applicants; students should apply at the University of California, Irvine's Zotlink site to be considered.

About HYCOR Biomedical, Inc.
Founded in 1981, HYCOR is a global manufacturer and marketer of in vitro diagnostics products. Since its founding, HYCOR has expanded its presence into urinalysis, allergy and autoimmune products used in clinical laboratories, hospitals and doctors' offices worldwide. Among its products, HYCOR markets the HYTEC, KOVA® and AUTOSTAT brands. The company is focused on delivering products that provide the highest value to clinicians through innovation, reliability and customer service. For more information, please visit www.hycorbiomedical.com.

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