HIVmirror, LLC Launching Breakthrough Genetic Product for HIV Positive Consumer

Published: Jun 04, 2007

PHILADELPHIA, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- HIVmirror LLC, a Philadelphia-based company offering HIV positive consumers the latest in confidential DNA testing, is announcing the launch of their innovative HIV progression test, HIVmirror(TM). This affordable, easy-to-use product, with its user-friendly Web site (, empowers modern consumers and gives a unique insight into their genetic code and its role in their potential HIV disease progression.

HIVmirror(TM) is a revolutionary scientific test that assesses an individual's DNA for CCR5-Delta32 (known as Delta 32) and CCR2-64I, two genetic variations that are known for slowing the process in which HIV becomes AIDS. HIVmirror(TM) is available for consumer use in the privacy of their own home with easy-to-use instructions and confidential results. Until now, this test was only available to participants in formal research studies.

What will the results show?

The results offer information about how a person's genes may effect HIV disease progression and more specifically, if their gene types are associated with slowing the progression of HIV infection to AIDS. This can provide insight to how their body is reacting to HIV and simply offer a peace of mind.

The Science and Research behind HIVmirror(TM):

HIVmirror(TM) is based on published NIH funded studies that made associations between genetic variations and the course of HIV-1 infection. Scientists studied over 4000 people with HIV-1 infection observing who developed AIDS. Participants underwent special genetic testing determining if they carried the CCR5-Delta32 or the CCR2 64I genetic variations that are suspected to affect the progression of HIV.

Company Origins:

Smart Genetics was created by Julian Awad and Richard Watson, both of the University of Pennsylvania. Watson, a genetic scientist, was working on the CCR5 gene and believed that the HIV positive public should have access to this information. He and Awad collaborated to deliver this test to the public. "Many HIV positive people already understand that not everyone's body responds to HIV the same way. Now we can shed some light on how this is the case," said Watson. Awad added, "Our hope is to help people have a better understanding about their disease so they feel actively involved in the fight against it."

Genetics Testing:

This is one of a new wave of affordable genetic tests available to the public. Often these do not have direct medical consequences, but help people understand their bodies and their disease and provide a greater peace of mind.

This test was made commercially available by Smart Genetics in the U.S. since April 2007.

For information on Smart Genetics and HIVmirror(TM), contact (215) 774-1222 or visit

This test is for informational purposes, not a medical diagnosis. Discuss results with a physician. The results of the test should not affect treatment regimen and customers are advised to continue taking prescribed medications regardless of HIVmirror(TM) results. This test was developed according to CLIA standards and did not require FDA approval.

HIVmirror LLC

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